Once ransomware finds its way to your device, it is really difficult to track it. This is why most people use software such as zonealarm anti ransomware to keep tabs on any suspicious activity taking place on their device in the backdrop.

Despite their notoriety about silently infecting the system, ransomware can still be detected. Just watch out for the following signs and keep a backup for your system’s data.

Signs That Your Device is Under Ransomware Attack

1. The System Slowdown

The first sign of a ransomware attack is when your device starts slowing down without any apparent reason. When ransomware finds its way into your device’s system, it basically starts scanning it in the backdrop for hijacking the files. This scanning process slows down the device’s speed for you at the front. So, whenever your device starts jamming or slowing down without any good reason such as storage space running out issues, then run an anti-ransomware to be wary of a ransomware attack.

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2. The Suspicious Alterations

The second sign of a ransomware attack includes automatic alterations in your files. These alterations may include file name changes or file type changes. Since these changes have not been manually done by you, you must take notice and install an anti-ransomware immediately.

3. The Automatic Encryption

The third sign which helps in spotting a ransomware attack is the automatic encryption of files. if there are files such as documents and image which you did not encrypt yourself and their number keeps increasing every day, know that your system is under a ransomware attack. Before the culprits encrypt all your files, install anti-ransomware, and save your data.

4. The Underhanded Data Extraction

The fourth sign which helps in spotting a ransomware attack is the data extraction. Without you noticing, your important data is being stolen on a remote server each day unless the final day comes when the hackers will lock you out of your device. if you come across such activity or missing files on your device, immediately run your anti-ransomware.

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5. The Announcement Day

The last and the most obvious sign of spotting a ransomware attack is the day you receive the message from hackers. They will ask you for the ransom amount in exchange for your data release. While some hackers do release the data after the ransom amount is received, others might continue bullying you into paying them more. Therefore, keep a back up for all your data and files and keep anti-ransomware on your device for maintain the device’s health and security.


Ransomware is a very scary kind of malware which doesn’t really show up until it’s too late. Therefore, in order to spot a ransomware attack, it is important that users pay attention to the signs highlighted above and keep an eye for any suspicious activity on their devices.

In addition to this, they must also keep an efficiently working anti-ransomware installed on their device so that when the time comes, their device remains well-protected against ransomware attempts.