Everyone loves a good deal or a freebie, right? It certainly would be hard to argue with that statement. But when every site is offering some sort of deal, how does a business stand out from the crowd? The harsh reality of the internet is that offers and promotions have become so common that they are almost expected, and are certainly taken for granted. For this reason, businesses need to get innovative with their reward schemes. They can do this by tailoring promotions to specific events, or even to individual customers.

When you have a business which exists online, you can save a lot of money on the physical side of things and pass those savings on to your customers. There is no doubt that running some sort of promotion will help boost your business, but you should really think about making your deals unique so you can stand out from the competition. Instead of just having a welcome offer, for instance, how about having tailored promotions for different days of the week to keep customers coming back on a regular basis? Buzz Bingo has a hump day offer which gives players free spins on a slot game, as well as a special quiz on Saturdays. The site also has seasonal offers, such as the Seaside Spinner for summer.

While it may seem obvious to have special promotions for Christmas, Easter, and other major holidays, it would also be wise to think of unique deals to fill the gaps between these. For example, an April Fools offer or a May Day celebration could work. Coffee shops, meanwhile, always have good seasonal promotions with special drinks on offer for the various times of year. The Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks for Halloween is particularly popular.

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If you really want to add a personal touch to your business, you could try to tailor some offers to the needs of specific customers. When people join your site, you could ask them for some information about themselves. You will also be able to see their purchase history. All of these details will give you an idea about the sort of products or services they may be interested in. You could then send promotions based on these directly to the customer to entice them into making a purchase.

Reward schemes are another great approach, and can help increase customer loyalty. VIP programs allow customers to build up points over time and then spend them on items of their choosing. DSW is known for having one of the best reward schemes out there, and it follows a tier system which allows customers to unlock better prizes the higher up they get. The company sends messages directly to customers reminding them of their points and what they can buy with them.

There are so many different ways you can reward customers, and making the promotions themed can serve as a great way to grab people’s attention. Having varied offers is key, and also using a VIP reward scheme can be highly lucrative.