The Internet isn’t just for having fun, making and talking to friends on social media, and watching hilarious videos of animals. It’s also a great place for learning new skills. You don’t need to enroll in an online university or find yourself an expert mentor to get an education and discover talents that you may not have known you’ve had.

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Nearly everything can be learned from sites and online videos. If you have some spare time or you’re stuck on a particular assignment, these solutions could help you find a new skill.

Classic Casino Games

Casino games have existed for nearly 400 years, first showing up in Italy in the 1600s. It’s a huge amount of fun to spin the wheels of a slot and you’ll feel like a winner when you successfully guess the place where the ball is going to land on the roulette wheel. Managing to beat your opponents and bluff well in casino games like blackjack also makes you look incredibly intelligent.

Casino games are best learned by doing and one place to do that is by visiting Genesis Live casino. With these live casino games, the cards are dealt by real-life dealers, not a computer. Roulette, blackjack, and poker all have live casino rooms and as you talk to the dealers, it can be a good way to learn the games and their terminology, such as “double down,” “action” and “bankroll.”

How to Draw

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It’s great if you can draw stick figures, but you probably won’t win many awards that way. It’s time to up your art game by learning how to create masterpieces. Perhaps you’ll create a magnificent self-portrait or master graphic design to the extent that you’ll never have to hire a freelance designer again!

Learning how to draw can take time and some of the best artists, like Leonardo da Vinci, practiced their crafts for years. You can get started by just talking to other artists on social media, asking them what they think of your work and seeing if they have put together any videos showing how to draw their characters and scenes.

Develop Games

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The games industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, making this one of the most potentially profitable skills you can learn online. From huge RPGs that take hours to complete to first-person shooters that look like a blockbuster movie, you can make all of these in your free time.

To develop a game, you’ll probably need art and coding skills. There are many online game development courses to take, on places like Udemy and Coursera, and there are also free tools like Unity and GameMaker: Studio that will let you test out game development in your free time.

These are just a few of the skills that you can learn online. There are many more skills you can learn that can get you a job, make you money, or entertain you.