The problem of anti-Semitism is a curse of our time. The level of hatred and discrimination is increasing with every year. It is already directed not only at the Jewish population but at Israel and Zionism as a whole. The spreading of such an attitude is mainly the result of the actions of various Muslim groups. It is terrifying that the level of anti-Semitism to the critical points again. Our history already has dark pages, and we must learn from them. Governments all over the world need to take serious actions to fight against anti-Semitism.

One of the great examples of the strong position is the Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurtz. He has expressed his negative view of anti-Semitism on multiple occasions. The chancellor actively supports the fight against any manifestations of violence and hatred. Especially he is passionate to eliminate discrimination of Jews not only in Israel itself but in the territory of the European Union. Such strong opinion on the matter was endorsed, praised and supported by Ron Prosor and Vladimir Sloutsker, and both are influential people in the political world.

Ron Prosor, former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, emphasized that Mr. Kurtz is not afraid to calls things by their name. He praised him for supporting the Israeli Paralympians. We recall that they were were not allowed to take part in competitions in Malaysia.

Vladimir Sloutsker, the president of the Israeli-Jewish Congress, also supported Mr. Kurtz. He highlights Kurtz’s point of view that Jewish people are a proud nation that has never surrendered. They have made a significant influence on history, culture, and their contribution can never be erased. Modern Jews have their own free country, with an army that can protect them. Thus they should not be afraid to express their opinions or act in their own interests. Like any other country in the world, Israel must be free to protect peaceful civilians from the attacks of terrorist organizations.

The worst pages of history should never be repeated. According to Vladimir Sloutsker, every country in the European Union should take active measures to eliminate hatred and discriminatory attitudes against any national minorities. Also, the politician stresses that proper education is vital in the fight against anti-Semitism. The upbringing of the younger generation must cultivate tolerance and acceptance.

The Jewish people are ready to oppose any discrimination. That is why it is necessary to make a big effort to promote support and positive attitude. Only together we will be able to eradicate such harmful phenomenon from society.