The sports betting industry is a global powerhouse with millions of punters all over the world placing bets and aiming to win cash from their bookmaker.

One of the reasons why this is such a thriving business is because of the quality of service on offer. Much of this is down to technological advancements, allowing bookmakers to create an even bigger and better service for their players to use.

This includes many different aspects, from how internet speeds have helped with online gambling, mobile technology creating detailed apps, and much more.

Technology and sports betting go hand in hand, and right now they are coming together as a formidable partnership.

The Rise of Online Betting

Thanks to the internet, many sports betting enthusiasts get their fix by betting online. This is in stark contrast to the past when people would have to travel to their local betting shop to place a wager.

The internet has transformed many industries, and the betting industry is certainly close to the top of the list of those it has helped.

With online betting comes competition, giving us the situation we are in today. Bookmakers want the business, and to attract that, they have to show they are better than the others available.

This means a wide range of sports betting offers are available to take advantage of online, it is a hugely competitive market. These include no deposit offers and these risk-free betting offers reviewed by are perfect for newcomers.

It is expected that the competitiveness of the online market will remain, and if it does, then that is only good news for punters.

Hi-Spec Detailed Mobile Betting Apps

Mobile technology has also played a huge part in the rise of sports betting.

The vast majority of people around the world own a smartphone that has an internet connection. With that and sports betting app, you can bet anywhere you like.

No more traveling to a betting shop and no more having to log onto a computer to place bets, this can all be done through the device in your pocket.

This has given people a huge amount of flexibility when betting, and even those who don’t have the time to bet will likely find it and can use the app in their pocket.

The betting apps we have are very detailed, again thanks to technology. They not only offer the ability to bet but also cover every aspect of account management, including depositing and withdrawing funds.

With a mobile phone, the internet, and a betting app, people are the time it takes to get their phone out of their pocket away from placing a bet.

Live Betting

Traditionally, bets are placed before an event begins, but that is no longer the only way to bet.

Live betting has become increasingly popular, with punters either choosing to do this alongside pre-match bets or instead of them.

Thanks to the quality of feeds that bookmakers can get from live events around the globe, they are able to offer live betting.

The odds update for the game as incidents happen, allowing you to bet while you are watching. This has greatly enhanced the options that punters have when betting, and has certainly given them something else to think about and a new way in which to bet.

Live Streaming

If you are talking about giving punters enhanced quality in terms of the service they receive from bookmakers then live streaming has to be mentioned.

Many different sports are covered through this, from the UK and Irish horse racing being provided live to football games from all over the world, and many US sports such as the National Hockey League.

There is nothing betting than placing a bet and then being able to watch the action unfold, cheering on your selection from home. Many events are covered live on TV, but live streaming from the bookmakers opens up many more and gives coverage of them.

Many leagues around the world have agreements with the top bookmakers that allows them to show every game live via their website. If you are a fan of these leagues and like betting on them then you have the complete service at your fingertips, betting and live streaming.

Banking Improvements Bring Faster Pay Outs

If there is one downside to betting online it is the wait you have before being able to spend your winnings. While this is still not perfect, technology has helped it become a lot better.

In general, banking times have improved over the past few years, and that has helped punters get their hands on money a little bit faster.

This means no more waiting for days and days before you can spend what you have won. It still may take one or two working days depending on your bookmaker, bank and country, but we are in a better situation than we have been in the past.

Faster banking payments is something that is always being explored, so don’t be surprised to see further improvements in the future in this area.

What Does the Future Hold for Sports Betting?

The general feeling is that if technology can be enhanced and make things better then bookmakers will use it to provide an even better service.

One of the big advancements we have seen over the past few years that hasn’t yet worked its way into gambling is voice recognition software.

It would be no surprise to see this as the next big thing in gambling. Instead of logging on and placing a bet, you could ask your phone to place a bet for you, in a similar way that technology like Alexa is used around the home.

Voice recognition software is already on mobile phones, so there is no wait for that. The stumbling block is waiting for mobile betting apps to become compatible with it, which may take some time.

Demand is there though, so don’t be surprised to see a race between the bookmakers to see who can offer this first.