Becoming famous doesn’t happen overnight.

You know there’s no quick way or a great secret to be the most famous student – it simply takes effort on your part for that to happen. As Denis Waitley stated, “The results you achieve will be in direct proportion to the effort you apply.”

But when that effort is unguided, it will be inefficient in achieving the fame you crave. Therefore, you need to know where to direct that effort.

A famous student is invited to attend all the best parties in the university and college, whereas you can’t get into a party without sneaking in, and their opinions matter. But if becoming famous sounds exciting and tiring and complicated at the same time, don’t worry, I’m going to keep things simple for you. In this post, I’ll share with you the five things every student can do to achieve fame.

Every student who’s ready to be a famous student can do these five things:

1. Become an Athlete or Involved in Sports

Sport is one of the most unifying and wonderful things for any university or college. Sports athletes are worshipped and have this celebrity-like status. With so many sports in existence, a student can choose one to be involved in, whether its basketball, hockey, tennis, baseball, and golf.

If you are a great athlete, your fame will skyrocket not just from the school level but to the national level. The names of these college athletes are forever immortalized by schools and fans. But it’s not as simple as it seems to be part of any sports teams in any university.

Many students apply to be in, for example, a basketball team, but only a few are chosen. Therefore, first of all, identify a sport you like and train as much as you can to be a good player. Of course, it won’t be instant fame once you are in any team because you’ll have to work and make an effort into the team or sport you are in.

2. Be Sociable

Most students don’t know half the people that are in their class or are studying with. If you want to be a famous student, you have to take the initiative and get to know other people. For example, when you are in class, do you talk or just say hi to the person seated next to you, behind you, or in front of you? Or do you just sit there quietly playing with your phone and never notice anyone?

If other students are ever going to know and like you, just being a little bit social will make a big difference. You might make the excuse that you will be disturbing others, but the truth is everyone has 5 minutes to talk. If you’re social to at least one student every day, by the end of the week or month, you’ll have approximately 10-20 new friends in the same university. Therefore, become the social guy, and then fame and party invitations will follow.

3. Be Well-Dressed or Well-Groomed

What you wear has a big effect on your fame. If you’re wearing unclean and unfitting clothing, you will be famous for the wrong reasons. But if you are smartly dressed and clean, you will be famous just for your style.

Therefore, how you look and dress has a big impact on people. Any famous person knows that first impressions matter, and your clothing helps in making that good impression. But that doesn’t mean you should spend all your college money on clothes. What you have to remember about clothing is that it should be fitting. Therefore, look good, feel good, and you’ll be both an attractive and well-known individual.

4. Organize and Attend Parties

Parties are the real dream of any university or college student. Most students consider that if you haven’t been to a party, you haven’t experienced college life. Most parties are considered as an exclusive right of certain individuals, and these parties can bring you fame fast. Then why not organize or attend one, from the drinks, food, and music, you will have to create something memorable.

You want your fellow students to talk about the party tomorrow and compliment you with statements like ‘that was the best party on campus,’ but to succeed, you need to get the word out first, if you organize a great party, you’ll definitely be invited to the next one. By the way, “a little party never killed nobody.”

5. Help Others Out

Everyone is good at something, whether it’s how to use some apps, how to write a resume, how to take care of a dog, and even how to play chess. Therefore, you are probably good at something that people seek advice or help from.

For example, a student knows how to make money reselling items while still in college. This is a skill that many students would love to know. This know-how can make you famous in your university because students will come to you seeking help on what they can do to make money. It might seem simple, but one helping act can make a big difference to another. Just find out what makes you unique or what do you know well that can be helpful to others. It can also be something as simple as helping a fellow student with homework or showing him some speedypaper reviews to calm his fears about online essay writing services.

As the comedian, Dave Chappelle, once stated, “I love being famous – it’s phenomenal.” We all want to feel phenomenal, and if being famous does, that I will be happy to take it. Although being famous is the best and coolest thing ever, you have to remember that not being famous doesn’t mean a life of mediocrity.

Since your goal is to become popular, don’t allow that ambition to override your values. For example, you are told to do something illegal or bad, like take drugs so that others will know you. Don’t do something stupid for the sake of fame.

You can easily get famous doing the right things like being helpful, social, involved in sports, taking care of your dressing, and bringing good memories to others with awesome parties. It’s simple, clear, and you don’t have to do anything extreme or crazy, like jumping off a building to be the most famous person on campus.