Many patients are concerned about how their faces will change after braces or aligners. How significant will the changes be? Can cosmetic procedures be performed while wearing braces?

First of all, it should be noted that braces and aligners correct the imbalance between the jaws. Therefore, there is no need to fear that the face will become less attractive. Quite the opposite. Learn more about braces and aligners on the cosmetic dentistry website in Miami.

Why Does the Face Shape Change With Braces?

Incorrect bite often leads to facial asymmetry. The lower or upper jaw may protrude or be skewed. By correcting the position of the teeth, the facial features will appear much softer and more proportional.

Braces and clear aligners exert pressure on the periodontal ligament. This fibrous tissue structure connects the teeth to the spongy bone of the jaw. Over time, the teeth start to respond to the applied pressure. Therefore, during the period of wearing orthodontic appliances, gradual changes in the face shape occur.

The duration of treatment usually ranges from 12 to 18 months.

Changes to the Face

1. Chin Line

After correcting the bite, the chin and jaws align properly. This can somewhat improve the skin’s elasticity in the chin area, making the face appear more youthful.

2. Lips

During treatment, the position of the lips may undergo slight changes. For example, if the upper teeth are significantly protruded, the upper lip usually extends noticeably over the lower lip, and vice versa.

3. Nose

Orthodontic appliances can influence the width of the upper jaw. For instance, braces on the upper teeth can reshape the jawbone, which, in turn, alters the distance between the nose and upper lip. As a result, the nose becomes more proportionate.

4. Profile

Braces enhance overall balance and facial harmony, which also impacts the profile’s appearance. It becomes more harmonious and pleasing, restoring youthful angles.

Your Best Bet Prior to Cosmetic Procedures

In reality, orthodontic treatment takes priority over cosmetic procedures. Correct alignment of teeth and jaws supports the soft facial tissues and prevents skin sagging. Due to natural changes in facial features, the assistance of a cosmetologist may not be necessary.

Procedures that should be postponed include:

1. Lip Augmentation

After braces, the contours of the lips change, and hollows or protrusions disappear. A cosmetologist can assess the lip volume correctly and determine the extent of augmentation. Additionally, injections for lip augmentation leave micro-damage on the mucous membrane, and braces may interfere with healing.

As an alternative to augmentation, periodic visits to a cosmetologist for asymmetry correction or contouring can be considered.

2. Chin Correction

When correcting a distal bite, the chin becomes more pronounced and defined, often eliminating sagging skin.

After treating a mesial defect, the chin becomes less protruding and more proportionate.

Aligning a crossbite results in a symmetrical chin, the disappearance of nasolabial folds, and improved lip shape.

3. Cheek Contouring

Facial correction using fillers is a fairly invasive procedure. Therefore, it is advisable to wait until the orthodontic treatment is completed.

An Example of Facial Changes After Braces

A patient came to Dr. Tetri’s clinic with the goal of getting veneers for a perfect Hollywood smile. During the examination, the doctor identified the need to correct the bite before placing porcelain veneers.

After 3D scanning and creating a model of the future smile, Dr. Svetlana Koval began orthodontic treatment for the patient. In addition to braces, she prescribed a set of Invisalign aligners.

The patient desired quick results, so the doctor used the method of piezosurgery 3-4 weeks after treatment. She used ultrasound to adjust the position of the teeth on the upper and lower jaws. The Invisalign treatment was completed in 7-8 months.

After the orthodontic treatment, Dr. Tetri proceeded with prosthetics. He rescanned the oral cavity and placed temporary overlays on the front teeth before installing permanent porcelain ones.


As a result of the treatment, the doctors achieved proper bite alignment, ideal jaw proportions, and facial symmetry.