Another advantage or reason why there are more and more players, is the speed when it comes to collecting the benefits. Collections are usually processed minutes after the match or event to which the bet has been made ends, which is another attraction for the bettor. There are many sports that we can bet on, one of which is MMA. MMA itself has a variety of events.

The UFC is the most popular MMA event in the world. Be it strategy or combat techniques, MMA appeared with the aim of allowing fighters with different martial arts bases to compete with the same rules and contesting the same competition.

History and Present of MMA

To this day, we know that MMA originally appeared in Brazil under the name Vale Tudo, which means without rules. But starting from there, the sports fan base in the world grew exponentially. In the United States, the sport saw its popularity explode.

Dana White, the president of the UFC, the largest MMA organization on the planet, has an interesting theory for the sport’s sudden success. According to this:

“Fighting is in our DNA and it is something that members of all the cultures of the world can relate to and understand. Unlike more popular sports, few rules need to be explained for the average viewer to understand this sport. ”

Fighting is what it is: Two people facing each other in a duel of desire. One of the most prominent things about MMA is the various types of brutal injuries. A lot of blood, fractures all over the body, broken fingers and noses, all kinds of bumps and bruises on the face and head. Some of the most brutal injuries in the world can be seen in MMA.

Regulations and Categories

The International Sport Combat Federation is the main regulator of the sport worldwide. The sport has the following weight categories that can be organized at each event:

* Super Heavy Weights – from 120 kg and without maximum weight limit.

* Heavy Weight – maximum 120 kilos.

* Semi Heavy – Maximum 93 kg,

* Welterweight – maximum 77 kg.

* Lightweight – maximum 70 kg.

* Featherweight – maximum 61 kg.

* Flyweight – maximum 57 kg.

Top events:

The popularity of MMA also brought an explosion of events around the world, organizing belts and championships. Unlike boxing, they are not federation centric and each event has its own champions. Each country has its own events and sub-events, but the most popular are the UFC, Bellator, WSOF, ONE, Invicta, Jungle Fight and Fight Nights.

Betting tips for MMA

Each MMA fighter is different and has his own style. To make better MMA odds, it is necessary for any player to analyze the fighters and their styles in detail. Some type of fighter can have serious problems when facing another certain type of fighter with a fighting style that does not suit his own. Thus, the Matchup – comparison between styles – is very important.

For example, the classic duel between striker and grabber. Typically, boxers have problems with athletes who prioritize Dirty Boxing and a Clinch game. And those of the judo do not like much the most versatile fighters

When you decide to bet in the UFC on the number of rounds a fight will have, you have to take a good look at the fighting style of the fighters and the round history in the fights of both athletes. For example, choosing over when the favorite to win is a gripper, fond of a more defensive or pragmatic game, rather than a more explosive fighter.

On the other hand, in heavyweight fights, for example, the possibility of the fight ending quickly is great, considering the KO power of the fighters in the category.

Types of betting on UFC AND MMA

– Betting on the Winner – Predict which fighter will win the fight.

– Victory Mode – Bet on how the fight will end. If by decision of the judges, KO or submission.

– Number of Rounds – The line for the number of rounds is assigned according to the history and characteristics of the fighters, but it is a forecast of how many rounds the fight will last. For example, if you bet on over 1.5 it is necessary for the duration of the fight to go past the middle of the second round – this 0.5 is always half of the next round. If you bet on Under 1.5 Rounds the fight has to end before the middle of the second round. There are lines for over 0.5 rounds, over 2.5 rounds, over 3.5 rounds and over 4.5 rounds. The latter, in fights that are worth a belt, since they last 5 rounds instead of 3.

Winning Fighter and Victory Mode – Sometimes, bookmakers offer us options like Fighter A wins and how he will win. For example, Jon Jones wins by submission, Anderson Silva wins by KO. Or Connor McGregor wins by decision of the judges.