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Planning a funeral can seem overwhelming. There are many decisions to make and options to consider in a short amount of time. Costs often come into play as mourning families try to arrange a respectful service on a budget. With all of the important choices and considerations to think about, it is sometimes difficult to identify sources of information that can genuinely help. Titan Casket is a trusted resource for cost-saving and budget-friendly caskets and coffins, and for funeral and memorial service planning.

When you are planning the end-of-life celebration for a loved one, rest assured that there are several helpful places you can turn to in order to give your family peace of mind. The first thing to consider during this difficult time is whether you want to hold a funeral or a memorial service. Then, it will be easier to decide on the details for your service and burial. Titan Casket and can assist with these hard decisions.

Where to Look to Help Plan a Funeral

Many people who are planning a funeral or memorial service begin their process on This site offers assistance in estimating the costs involved in planning a funeral in your local area, including options for a burial or a cremation.

Once you have thought about what your unique needs are for a funeral service, you can begin your search for a funeral home or a specialized farewell service professional. A funeral home or another type of end-of-life professional will further guide you through your options.

When you have chosen funeral home or an alternative farewell service professional, you can count on Titan Casket to provide you with a casket or coffin that will meet your budget requirements. Titan Casket’s coffins and caskets save you up to 85% on costs versus buying a coffin or casket directly through a funeral home.

Funeral or Memorial – What is the Difference?

Many people find peace and closure after the death of a loved one by holding a funeral or a memorial service. Both of these end-of-life celebrations are meant to honor the deceased and tp bring comfort to those left behind, but they are not one and the same.

Because burial traditions and practices constantly change, it can be challenging to understand the differences in a funeral and a memorial service. It also may be difficult to decide which is right for you. This confusion can be eliminated by understanding that both services basically serve the same purpose – to formally say ‘goodbye’ to someone that you love and to pay your respects.

The main difference between a funeral and a memorial service is that the body of the deceased is present at a funeral. During a memorial service, the body is absent but it is memorialized or remembered.


When you have a funeral for a loved one, you are holding an end-of-life celebration with the body present. The departed lies in repose inside of a coffin or casket. You may choose to have the casket open or closed, depending on the wishes of the deceased or the preferences of the family. Because the body is present during a funeral, this type of service is typically held within a week of death as time is of the essence.

Funerals can take place at various locations, including funeral homes, gravesites and houses of worship. Often, an underground burial or cremation occurs immediately following a funeral service.


A memorial is a remembrance service for someone who has departed. The body of the deceased is not present, which means that there is more flexibility regarding location and timing. Memorials can take place at any time after the death of a loved one.

As the word suggests, a memorial is a service that memorializes – or honors and remembers – the life of someone who has passed away. Many people hold memorials as ‘life celebrations’ instead of ‘end-of-life celebrations’ in order to pay tribute to a loved one’s time here on Earth. If cremation was chosen for the departed, a memorial service may include scattering (or burial) or the ashes.

Should You Choose a Funeral or a Memorial Service?

Choosing a funeral or a memorial service is a personal decision and one that often relies on many factors including religion, culture, logistics, and budget. Many times, the wishes of the deceased need to be considered before deciding on a funeral or a memorial.

When planning a funeral or a memorial service, remember that these celebrations do not have to be mutually exclusive. You do not have to choose one or the other but can instead opt for a private funeral for the immediate family followed by a larger public memorial service.

Other End-of-Life Celebrations

In addition to funerals and memorial services, there are other types of end-of-life celebrations that can meet the wishes of the departed and the needs of those left behind.

Wakes – Awake is a gathering that is commonly held before a funeral. Traditionally, a wake was a prayer vigil that was held after dark, but today they are usually events that highlight the effects that the deceased had on the family or community. Most modern wakes take place at a funeral home, immediately prior to the funeral service.

Viewings – A viewing is a time for the family, friends, and acquaintances of the deceased to view the body and pay their respects. Viewings usually take place in the funeral home or at the gravesite, after the body has been prepared by the funeral home professional. The body is embalmed and it appears in its best state. Many people find that viewings are an essential part of the mourning process and that they help those left behind receive acceptance of the death.

How to Save on Funeral Expenses

Funeral planning does not have to be expensive. Titan Casket wants to help in any way they can, so they offer cost-saving caskets and coffins as well as general guidance to save money on funeral expenses.

Some of the ways that Titan Casket assists in reducing funeral costs include:

  • Research resources – Titan Casket recommends you explore to estimate funeral costs in your area and to find a funeral professional within your budget.
  • Buying a casket online – When you purchase a casket or coffin online from Titan Casket, you can save up to 85% on costs vs buying a casket or coffin through a funeral home. Titan Casket offers top-of-the-line coffins and caskets that are delivered in a timely manner and are shipped free of charge.
  • Funeral and memorial guides – Contact Titan Casket to learn how to further reduce costs by purchasing non-gasketed caskets, grave liners instead of casket containers, and silk flowers as an option over fresh flowers.

If you have any questions about planning a funeral or a memorial service, Titan Casket is always there to help. Titan Casket is an ally in planning the funeral or memorial you want at an affordable price.