If you’re fortunate enough to have your grandparents around, you’ll be delighted to hear that September 13th is National Grandparents Day! Not that you need an excuse to spoil your grandma or grandpa with love and attention, but it’s officially encouraged on this day.

This year has been challenging because of the consequences posed by COVID-19 — many economic and social changes have taken place, and a lot of those changes haven’t necessarily come easy. The pandemic has been particularly challenging for seniors because many older adults are more susceptible to developing diseases and are immunocompromised. COVID-19 is sometimes asymptomatic, so you may have had to avoid visiting your grandparents for fear of spreading the virus.

They probably missed you, just like you missed them! Hopefully, at this stage, you’re able to see your grandparents again from an appropriate social distance. And what better way to celebrate your reunion with them than with National Grandparents Day! Take a look at these creative examples to show your gramps and gran how much you love them on their special day.

Treat Them to an Afternoon Picnic

By mid-September, it’s perfect picnic weather. It’s not too hot, that crisp, autumn breeze is in the air, and the colors of the leaves are transforming into beautiful shades of gold and red. It’s better to assemble outside than it is indoors right now because many studies have shown that there’s less risk of contracting the virus in the open air.

Take them to a park in your town on a beautiful fall day. Make a few of their dishes and snacks, bring along lots of water and a refreshing jug of iced tea — maybe some wine if you’re feeling so inclined — and depending on your family members’ mobility, bring a blanket to sit on. Otherwise, ensure there are accessible picnic tables or benches to sit on comfortably.

Sit back for the rest of the afternoon and enjoy each other’s company!

Create Customized Shirts

Do you know what grandparents love more than anything? Their grandkids! You can make custom t shirts from Prints Canada — a leading screen printing company — with a personalized message and photograph that your grandparents are sure to adore. Find your favorite photo of everyone together, come up with a unique slogan (something short and simple like “#1 grandma and grandpa”), and print it on t-shirts for you and the family! They’ll be honored to wear something that you made especially for them. It will boost their confidence and become a treasured memory that they can cherish forever.

Find a company to work with that only uses state of the art automatic and manual equipment. You’ll also want to work with people who genuinely care about the wellbeing of their customers. Find talented and professional people who will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your t-shirts are just right.

Whatever you decide to do this year, make the day a memorable occasion for your family members. Personalized, custom t-shirts and an afternoon in the park are lovely ways to treat your loved ones on this eventful day.