Business owners can choose from hundreds of seating options. Swivel bar stools are popular because they provide maximized freedom of movement. The right furniture lends personality to the commercial space. Discover five tips that will help you pick the right type of stools for your restaurant or café.

Style Is Not Everything

Obviously, the stools should match the interior decor, but they must also be comfortable. The most popular commercial swivel bar stools with back at are not just attractive. If you want your visitors to spend more time at the counter, you may consider features like back support or armrests. In terms of swivel, the options are 360 degrees, 180 degrees, and memory swivel.

Determine the Right Height

Standard models are between 24 and 30 inches in height. Measure the distance from the floor to the underside (not upside!) of your counter. The stool should be 10-12 inches lower to allow space for the legs. You may also choose a model with an adjustable height.

Choose the Right Width

It depends on how many seats you want to place in a row. There should be enough space between the chairs, so your visitors can move freely. The shortest allowable distance is 6 inches. A spacing of 8-10 inches provides the most freedom. If space is limited, narrow stools with armrests could be best.

Choose the Right Look

The style of the stools is the first thing visitors notice. Choose seating that will accentuate or complement the appearance of the establishment. Think of matching colors, upholstery, and frames.

For example, stools with vinyl or leather seats in vivid colors are best for a retro-style bar. Clean and sophisticated decor requires something modern and minimalist, preferably with metal frames. Stools with dark brown wooden frames and leather seats are great for a classic pub look.

Consider Special Features

If you expect your guests to watch a ball game sitting at the bar, opt for models with back support. Otherwise, they will feel uncomfortable. Tall chairs should be equipped with foot support. Armrests may also be suitable. The longer the visitors will sit — the more support you need.

A Few More Tips

You can purchase a full set of restaurant furniture, so there is no need to measure the stools. Alternatively, try the mix-and-match approach: combine a couple of styles if it emphasizes your ambiance. Finally, think about assembly. However, most models are shipped fully assembled. Yet, you may lower the costs if you assemble the stools by yourself.

The Bottom Line

First, the stools you choose must match the decor of the establishment. Secondly, the seating must be comfortable, so visitors spend more time at the counter or bar table. Selecting the right swivel stools may seem trivial, but it is actually essential for your bottom line.