Remodeling your home’s bathroom can be an expensive, time consuming, and inconvenient ordeal. But does it have to be? With these modern bathroom designs and ideas one can have a sleek, practical, and space saving bathroom that offers plenty of light and ventilation.

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Modern Bathroom Ideas For Your Home:

A home’s bathroom is a private sanctuary where often one can spend more time than they should either relaxing in a bath or simply watching videos on mobile phones. As such, a home’s washroom should always be well-lit, aesthetically pleasing, comfortable, and above all practical and functional.

They are plenty of bathroom ideas that are trending in 2021 that have redefined the way people think a washroom should look and function. In Japan, for example, public glass toilets are being set up in parks and other communal places. The glass is ofcourse, special, and goes from transparent to opaque as soon as the washroom door is locked, providing complete privacy.

The advantage of such a washroom? Well, firstly, people from far off can tell whether the washroom is occupied or not based on the color of the glass. Secondly, if the washroom isn’t occupied the person outside can clearly see whether it is clean or not before entering.

Such modern bathroom ideas are certainly making us rethink the way a washroom should be. However, at the end of the day choosing the ideal bathroom for you depends on your individual taste, preference, and budget.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Other Big Bathroom Trends For 2021:

  1. A graphically creative bathroom with dots dashes and bold colours. It can be an animal print or even simple hand-drawn markings.
  2. Choose bold colours combo like pink and blue, pink and grey or orange and green
  3. Choose different metallic finishes like gold, nickel and antique bronze
  4. Add a touch of graphics to the floor
  5. Add greenery to make it a tropical spa for relaxation and mindfulness.
  6. Keep your bathroom less confined with double doors and less furniture.
  7. Furnish bathroom with mats, taps, and metro tiles.

Some Of The Most Important things to consider while furnishing your bathroom:

  • Size and positioning
  • Assembly and fitting
  • Style

Types of Bathroom Furniture:

  • Basin vanity units: It features a free-standing unit with a basin sunk completely or partially. It often features a cupboard or set of drawers for extra storage.
  • Wall hung basin units: They can be mounted on a wall

Some Quick & Easy Tips For Refreshing Your Kitchen?

  • Use an instant boiling water kitchen tap and say goodbye to kettles.
  • Use waste disposal units to avoid blockage of drains with food waste. They are easy to install while removable splash guards make cleaning and replacement easy.
  • Use radiators to heat the kitchen.
  • Use vinyl and laminate kitchen flooring.
  • Use kitchen wallpapers to save cost and provide aesthetic value


Whether it is your washroom or kitchen that needs refreshing checking options online can certainly be in your benefit. Buying from trusted brands and reputable online suppliers can not only be a lot more affordable, but also a lot more convenient and time-saving.