Chances are, you’re always juggling between internet sources and the good old-fashioned textbooks to help you with that essay, which by the way is due in a few hours! Well, it’s not your fault that you often struggle to do research for your assignments. High schools do not do the best job when it comes to teaching students how to properly conduct your examination of study topics.

This guide is going to show you an easy process comprised of 7 steps, to help you with a college research topic and how to read a research paper effectively. To spark your cognitive abilities and have your creative ‘juices’ going, consider reading essays sample hosted by a free essay database. Sometimes it’s just as easy as reading professional essays from the best online essay service. Nonetheless, an in-depth examination of a study problem comprises the following steps:

1. Choose the Right College Research Topic

To start your research, you need to choose the right topic. Confusion about a topic spells out inefficiency and a lack of focus in your overall methodology. This begs the next question: How do you find the right topic? There are many methods of doing this. However, one way that always seems to work involves identifying interesting things to research. In doing so, you won’t feel overwhelmed as the entire research assignment will keep you engaged.

2. Narrow it Down

At this point, you probably have a couple of topics or ideas for your research paper. As mentioned above, you need to be precise and straight to the point with your research topic. This will help you focus all your attention on consolidating the appropriate material. If you are still confused about the topic, you could always consult your librarian or your professor to find out the boundaries of the topic.

3. Finding the Right Academic Sources

Choosing the right topic will massively help you with this. Having a wide array of academic sources can be a good thing and a bad thing as well. You can easily spend a lot of time reading dense materials on the subject matter, with little progress. On the other hand, having loads of sources will help you easily cite your references.

4. Write Down the Main Points

Now that you are ready to start working on your paper, you need to consider techniques to make the process faster. For instance, consider writing the main points first, introduction and summary. If you are working on a sizable project, consider taking short breaks to help you maintain your focus and overall drive, without feeling fatigued or overwhelmed.

5. Create the Presentation

You must keep in mind the deadline for submission. It is easy to spend so much time on research then end up not finishing the assignment. Set clear timelines that will keep you on top of things. Targets will show you how to research a topic effectively.

Organizing your research will save you a lot of time and effort. It is vital as you will not feel overwhelmed. You can create a bibliography that will help write the topic in question. You can either choose online sources or hard copy to study the essay topic further.

6. Do Extra Research

As you write the first sample of the assignment, you will find that there are missing links. Most of the time, you will find that there is an information shortage or misplacement of irrelevant information. This will need you to go back to the initial examination stage again to find extra information.

Note down the points that you need to pay attention to, to ease your research process. This will help you pinpoint the key issues you need to address without you going down the rabbit hole.

7. Cite the Sources Properly

Proper citation is essential whether it is submitting a research paper, presentation, or video. You have to avoid submitting work that has plagiarism at all costs. Citing the relevant sources in essays will depend on the instructions from the professor. There are different types of citations from Chicago, APA, and MLA as the primary forms of citation used in assignments.

There are free applications that will assist you in citing your paper correctly. There is no need to start from scratch. Use the available online tools to make your work easier.


The above points will guide you on how to research. You will be able to find a relevant college research topic and use the appropriate sources to build the content. These tips will help you save on time and effort when it comes to research and presentation. You now know how to start a research paper and complete it before the due date.