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Do you feel tensed about leaving for work every morning, reaching on time, tight deadlines, and the results that your efforts would fetch? If you are upset about missing important events in your life like birthdays or anniversaries or a much-needed vacation, then you need to think about whether you should go for a change in your current job.

Stress at the workplace is common and widespread nowadays for most job holders in almost all industries like banks, information technology, law firms, and other multinationals. Starting from the junior executives to the senior management, stress and tension negatively impact all in both body and mind.

The effects in the long term may lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, several chronic problems of the body, depression, substance addiction, and strained relations in families.

Advantages of 10 Low-Stress Jobs for People with Anxiety

There are some jobs which would balance your family and work life, and you would feel happy and contented at the end of the day.

  • Be a writer

Writing is all about expressing yourself, your ideas, and your outlook towards several aspects like society, values, and the happenings across the globe.

Once you start as a freelancer of blogs, content, or copywriting, you will understand your potential and may develop as a popular writer with several publications.

  • Working with children.

One of the most beautiful experiences would be to work in an environment involving children. It can be as a teacher, in an orphanage, an NGO, or any other setup. Being surrounded by innocence may bring down the stress level and give you immense joy.

  • Work involving animals

Several associations would allow you to work with animals. It would enrich the senses of feeling, bonding, and other emotions. Besides, it has a therapeutic effect on individuals coping with stress and anxiety.

  • Computer programmer

If you are somebody who prefers to contribute through working on your own rather than meeting, interacting, or negotiating with people daily, coding and programming jobs would be the perfect option. But you need to be technologically updated or get some training.

You can also work remotely.

  • Transcriptionist

If you are a good listener and comfortable with computers, you may consider this option. It does not require social interaction and is tension-free.

  • Landscape designing

This would give you the chance to be outdoors or within beautiful, natural surroundings. Use your creativity and interact with people without falling into a routine.

  • Ecommerce

Ecommerce is a flourishing industry, and its importance has increased more after COVID-19. If you have the required capital and contacts, you can have your own successful business of logistics or selling.

  • Work as a delivery person

With the increase in online delivery systems, delivery jobs for almost all products are now available. You can have some exercise on the job to keep yourself fit.

  • Cleaning jobs

This may require a lot of physical labor, but you can easily get this type of job even if you do not have academic qualifications and want to have a modest livelihood.

Having peace and relaxation along with finances is important. So, decide on your priorities and take the plunge towards doing something that would help you to spend quality time with your loved ones and live a happy, healthy life.