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A graduation card is a card that entails special words to the graduate or from the graduate. It is used to show how proud some are of the success of the graduate. It is normally given during the graduation ceremonies or sent to the graduate if one will not make it to the ceremony. It plays a vital role in celebrating the accomplishment. The card is used to express the feelings of the people towards the graduate. The card expresses congratulations or well wishes. These are congratulatory words that strengthen the graduate and make them feel that what he achieved is indeed a great thing. For more information about graduation cards, visit custom graduation cards for more details.

Features of a Graduation Announcement

A graduation announcement normally has pictures of the graduate. The picture can be showcasing the graduate’s accomplishments, a professional portrait, or photos showing the graduate’s future plans.

The graduation card also contains the year of graduation. It just shows the year you are celebrating with the graduate. The card’s year will always act as a reminder to the graduate on which year he or she graduated.

Types of Graduation Cards

College graduation announcement card. This has more information such as the major degree and the other accomplishments achieved by the graduate. They are required to be more professional as they may be used in networking. Professionally designed photos are used in college graduation cards.

High school graduation card. It is a more casual card as compared to the college graduation card announcement. It requires highlighting the key high school achievements and mentioning any plans that the graduate has for their future.

Why do we send graduation cards?

They play a vital role in informing friends and family of the achievements of the graduate. It also helps a lot in networking; you can connect with friends and their parents and your family members. The card may also be a keepsake for the graduate and the family.

What to Write in Graduation Card

The words used in the graduation card should reflect your personality and style. The announcement acts as the formal way of informing friends and family of the various achievements acquired. Ensure that you write the full names of the graduate as well as the year of graduation. It will also have the honors achieved and graduation date, not forgetting the high school or college’s name.

When do you send the card?

There are several differing opinions concerning the appropriate time of sending the graduation cards. The standard practice normally suggests that the card should be sent one to four weeks before the graduation day.


Graduation cards are an essential element of conveying a message by the graduate. They help a lot in the passing of information in more formal ways as compared to others.