Where you live as a student is a major contribution to your success in your studies. Therefore, you do not want to make that decision lightly. The options are vast now, and you can get more than just a choice of one of the University halls. Therefore, you embark on a search for accommodation that will suit your needs.

You have found that perfect place, or so you think. Before you pay the bill or sign the contract, there are some things you should consider:

  • Your Budget: How much are you willing to spend on accommodation? Make sure you have definite figures for that before you go about looking for accommodation. If you have a small budget, you are most likely more suited for the university-owned halls that are cheaper. If you have a larger budget or other sources of income, you can consider other privately owned buildings and halls or even buy your own house. Also, take into account the bills you might have to pay depending on the kind of accommodation you choose.
  • The Location: The accommodation might be cheap and the perks good but do not just jump on the offer. How far or close your accommodation is to campus determines a lot. You might love the building but hate yourself when you get to campus late for lectures. If transportation to and from the accommodation is affordable and reliable, you can still go for a place that is not so close. You also need to check that the place is close to stores and other places you frequent.
  • The Perks: Student accommodations often come with some benefits or the other. Some would offer you cinema rooms, gyms, games, rooms and so on. The rent will definitely show the difference as these perks come with increased rates. However, in choosing your accommodation, look out for buildings with just the perks you need. If you are into sports, you would most likely love to have a gym in the same building you live, but you can also settle for a building with a gym just a walk away. Do not spend money paying for perks you do not make use of.
  • Your Neighbors and/or Roommates: If you can’t sleep or read in a noisy environment, you should take care in choosing your accommodation. You don’t want to rent an apartment with a nocturnal neighbor that blasts music in the night. Try to find out more about your potential neighbors or roommates before you sign that contract. If they have habits that contrasts with yours, you should know that kind of accommodation would not suit you.

The catchphrase for finding suitable student accommodation is ‘look before you leap.’ For students in Berlin, you can start looking at suitable student accommodation in Berlin on online housing agent platforms.