Toronto has one of the most reliable public transportation systems in the world. Public transportation is one of the safest and most reliable forms of transport in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). However, accidents still happen in the public transportation system. Accident victims deserve fair compensation for all the losses they incur in an accident.

Common Injuries in Public Transport Accidents

The most common public transport accidents in Toronto involve streetcars and buses. Unlike the more severe train and subway accidents, most accident incidents are considered minor but may still cause serious injuries. Victims should seek legal help after involvement in a streetcar or bus accident due to swerving, sudden braking, or other negligent acts by the public transport driver. Victims should also seek compensation for slip and fall accidents while exiting from public transit equipment.

Victims can receive compensation for injuries sustained in a collision or any other incident that involves public transport. It is important to seek legal help even if the injuries suffered in the public transport accident seem minor. What might appear like minor injuries could get serious over time. Legal battles revolving around public transportation are often intricate, explaining the importance of working with experienced personal injury lawyers. A lawyer ensures that the victim gets the best results. Unlike insurance adjusters, the lawyer is on the victim’s side and does everything to ensure that the victim gets complete and fair compensation for all the injuries suffered.

Claims Involving Public Transportation – What to Expect

A person may qualify to get SABS (Statutory Accident Benefits) in Ontario after a collision involving their vehicle and a public transit vehicle. These benefits will be available under the victim’s own car insurance cover. SABS will cater for medical and rehabilitation costs, attendant care, income replacement costs, and other expenses. What happens if a person is injured in a public transit vehicle and he or she does not possess insurance? In this case, the victim can file a lawsuit against the public transit agency and its insurance company.

Navigating the SABS and the claims process to get the rightful compensation does not have to be complicated with the help of a lawyer. A lawyer works with medical experts to determine the extent of injuries suffered and understand all the costs involved in seeking treatment. By doing this, a lawyer can assess fair compensation for all the damages suffered.

Under certain circumstances, a victim may qualify for some additional benefits if:

  • The transit driver was driving dangerously or negligently and ended up causing an accident
  • Another motorist caused the accident or contributed to the accident
  • The public transit vehicle that causes the accident was not properly maintained
  • The accident occurred due to defective public transit equipment or defective equipment contributed to the accident
  • The operator or the public transit driver was impaired or drunk at the time of the accident
  • The public transit driver was undertrained or unlicensed when the accident occurred

It is advisable to contact experienced personal injury lawyers after involvement in a public transport accident. A lawyer will help you navigate the intricate legal system and fight for the compensation you deserve.