The first impression that many people had of Instagram was that of a fun app for children. However, this social network platform outgrew this first impression very quickly. Today, Instagram is a great tool for networking, selling, marketing, and building an audience. It’s currently among the most popular social networks on the planet.

With over 1billion active monthly users, 60 million pictures shared, and 1.6 billion likes happening on this platform every day, Instagram is a social network that most people can’t afford to ignore. But, most users often have issues when they decide to buy Instagram followers more info provided here.

Any user that wants to stand out and grow their following must work harder and smarter. Here are useful tips to help you get free followers on Instagram.

Create a Complete and Branded Profile

To get more free Instagram followers, start by creating a complete, branded profile. How your profile looks on Instagram will influence the decision of other users, whether to follow you or not. Your feed or profile is your first opportunity to make an impression and even entice other users to follow you. Therefore, make sure that your profile is on point.

When an Instagram user visits your profile, they take seconds to decide whether to follow you or not. They do this by scrolling through your profile or feed quickly, reading the bio, and clicking on some of the highlights of your stories.

So, to convert every visitor into a follower, do more than simply editing your photos. Instead, use a great profile photos and coordinate your cover photo. Also, make sure that you always have active stories and an effective bio.

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Use Hashtags Creatively

Use relevant hashtags in your Instagram posts. Don’t just use hashtags for the sake of it. Instead, use hashtags as part of your text to tell a story. You can be ironic, outrageous, or funny but not boring. Also, don’t overuse hashtags in your posts.

Most experts recommend using 1 to 5 hashtags per post. However, there are no specific guidelines from Instagram for that. The rule of thumb is to use relevant hashtags. Think about the hashtags that your target audience or the people you want to be your followers are likely to search. Use those hashtags to help them find your posts or profile with ease.

Share Instagram Content on Other Social Networks

To get more free followers on Instagram, think about your efforts on this platform as part of your wider social networking strategy. That means thinking about ways to grow your social network outside Instagram.

Think about ways you can use other social networks like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to direct your audience in these platforms to your Instagram profile. Cross-promoting the content, you publish on Instagram on other social channels can guide followers to check out your profile. If they like your Instagram content, the chances are that they will follow you.

You can also integrate your feed into the design of your website. This will prompt people that visit your website to follow you on Instagram. You can even include a call to action by telling the audience to follow you on Instagram to find out more or to stay updated about your brand, product, service, or event.

Publish Fresh Content Consistently

This may sound like something obvious you’ve read somewhere else but it’s not. When trying to get free followers on Instagram, accept the fact that people won’t follow you because of what you’ve already posted on your feed. Instead, they will follow you because of the future content they expect from you.

For instance, if you post beautiful corgi videos and photos every day without fail, Instagram users will notice. They will realize that if they follow you, they will see new beautiful corgi content more often, if not every day. As such, the users will follow you because of the content they expect from you in the future.

Maintaining a consistent theme or style, therefore, is like a branding play. It is all about creating and meeting an expectation for your feed on Instagram. And, you must be consistent in doing that because current and potential followers will always count on you for that. Make sure that you share the same content type consistently.

Use Instagram Analytics for Insights

Instagram analytics is a great source of information that you can use to get more free followers. Some of the insights that you can get from Instagram analytics include engagement rates, posts performance, new followers, inactive accounts, and people that unfollowed you. Using such information, you can understand your audience, what they like, and what they don’t. Such data can help you create more relevant, useful, and effective content to publish on your Instagram account. Thus, such Instagram insights can help you create content that will get you more free followers.

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Partner with Other Instagram Users

You can reach out to other Instagram users that are also trying to get free followers. Enter into a partnership where you will repost their content as they repost yours. That way, you stand a chance to appeal to their followers with their content while they, too can appeal to yours with theirs. And, you don’t have to do a lot of work to achieve this. You just take photos and create content the way you would usually do when just posting on your feed.

Host Giveaways if Possible

You can get more Instagram followers for free if you host giveaways. You can host the giveaways on your side with an option to follow your brand on Instagram. That way, you will get a bigger reach with the possibility of getting more Instagram followers.

Final Thought

Getting free followers on Instagram can seem challenging at first. However, the task becomes easy when you have tips to guide you. By sharing creative content, promoting it across other social networks, and targeting your audience properly, you can easily grow your Instagram following. Also, make sure that your profile is branded and complete to help other Instagram users know who you are when deciding whether to follow you or not.