You already know that videos are extremely popular on Facebook, as users spend hours on the platform watching them. However, your videos get lost among the competition, resulting in a low views counter. The easiest way to increase them is to buy Facebook views. Yet, there are still some things you can do to boost your videos’ view counts. In this article, we are looking at all the methods that will increase your views on Facebook.

#1 Ask your Audience to Share Them

The first thing you can do is to engage your audience. In general, we recommend that you include a call to action in every post, not just in your videos. So, your call to action for this type of content should be to share the video. You will be surprised by how many people will actually share it if you ask them to do so. Many users enjoy your videos and they just need a little push to share them with their friends. It is useful to remember that the larger the view count on a video, the easier it gets for it to increase. Therefore, you should buy Facebook views to help any new user click on the video.

#2 Promote them on the Rest of the Social Media

By uploading your videos on Facebook, you don’t limit your promotion to this social media platform. In fact, the correct promotional strategy includes the sharing of your videos on all of your social media profiles. This way, you can bring traffic from many different sources. Additionally, you should use alternative social media and websites, like Quora and Reddit. They both have a great number of users ready to watch your videos. Pick up the right categories and subreddits for your niche and share them with those users. The results will definitely surprise you.

#3 Share them in Facebook Groups

Facebook features a useful tool for the promotion of your videos and your Facebook page. This tool is none other than Facebook groups. In this space, users with the same interest gather and interact with each other. All you have to do is join as many groups as you can within your niche. Once you are accepted, comment on other people’s posts and share your content. However, try to also share some other type of content, so that you don’t seem like you are doing only self-promotion.

#4 Use Hashtags

The next thing you can do is to use hashtags on your videos’ titles and descriptions. Hashtags help users discover your videos from the Facebook search, every time they write one of your keywords. Organic traffic is important if you are trying to make your video go viral and hashtags offer a simple way of boosting it. Nevertheless, buy Facebook views beforehand, so that users are more inclined to click on your video.

Getting your videos to go viral on Facebook is hard work as users have a great variety to choose from. For this reason, you need to both buy Facebook views and follow all of the above methods.