The task of assembling a team is one of the toughest ones. Mostly, it’s not easy to find specialists that can make their job good and possess some extra skills to make it excellent. In this post, we’ll share our knowledge on how to find a great back-end specialist for your project.

In essence, back-end development stands for the server-side architecture of your website or application. The specialist in this sphere ensures the smooth operation of things like account registration and adding products to the cart. Working on the background, the back-end web developer establishes the system that works under the clear algorithm-driven logic.

The main responsibilities of a back-end developer

The basic set of working tools of a back-end developer include servers, databases, web development languages, and API. In addition, it’s expected from a specialist in this position to be able to work with frameworks, write quality unit tests, be aware of algorithm structure and security concerns, and know HTML and CSS.

The role of a back-end developer includes close cooperation with front-end developers. That’s why the major part of extra skills for a back-end web developer refers to this sphere. This developer’s role includes web optimization for better speed and performance indicators, bug handling, and database interaction on the broadest level.

The programming languages a back-end web developer should know

Since the back-end developer should closely cooperate with the front-end, this web developer needs to master at least one programming language. But of course, the more languages this specialist knows, the more desired employee he/she becomes.

PHP, C., and C++

PHP is an open-source language that is frequently used in creating websites and applications. If you’re just considering mastering the back-end developer specialization, we recommend starting from PHP and C. They both are simple and of general-purpose. If you start with learning the C programming language, you can use it for app development. Once you need to add classes and objects to your app development, you can turn to learn C++. Mostly used in games, this programming language provides a solid background for mastering other complex server-side scripting languages — like Python, JAVA, and RUBY.

Python, JAVA, and RUBY

Python is the programming language that involves external modules that fit complex web development (meaning artificial intelligence and machine learning). In its turn, JAVA is one of the most elegant solutions, as it has the fewest number of dependencies possible. In a similar manner, RUBY is known for its finesse, optimizing the time which a back-end developer spends on file configuration.

Magento and WordPress (WP)

The knowledge of other server-side programming languages depends on the specifics of the project. For example, Magento is an e-commerce platform created on a PHP basis. It’s widely used in online stores — and so, if your client works in this niche, you should master this skill. Besides, WordPress (or WP) is a widespread content management system (CMS) that is written in PHP with the involvement of MySQL and MariaDB databases. Most websites prefer using it.


Finally, some clients prefer working with the enhanced versions of common programming languages. For example, they may request SCALA that has the same operational characteristics as JAVA with several extensions and improvements. Alternatively, .NET is the entire framework that unites several programming languages that use it.

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