Having started its journey back in 2005, YouTube has grown rapidly over the past 15 years.

Today, people all over the globe upload up to 300 hours of content on the platform, on average, and this has led to YouTube becoming the second-largest search engine in the world.

So, given you have a channel and a crisp idea of what your content is going to address, all you need to make your channel successful are choice videos and tonnes of returning viewers.

Whenever you upload a brand-new video, your then subscribers will notice it popping up on their feed, so to speak, when they refresh their screens. Some might have even turned on notifications by clicking that holy ‘bell icon.’

Theoretically speaking, you get as many views as you have subscribers, but in reality, your videos may get lost under the pile of other better content. They may even go viral, completely disregarding your subscriber count.

So, without further ado, let’s find out how you can break through the clutter and make your way to the top on YouTube.

Quality Takes Precedence 

Videos are perhaps the best form of media when it comes to conversion rates. To experience results that prove this, you have to be proficient in your domain and competently create videos that get views and/or clicks.

Moreover, if you are producing awesome content, you’re already on your way to upping your subscriber count. That’s because people love to come back to those who provide them with good service.

Subscribing to your channel is their way of ensuring they don’t forget about you.

Make sure you speak with zeal and that your voice remains clear at all times. Voice modulation is the cornerstone when you’re explaining something to your subscribers. Invest in quality hardware paraphernalia like a microphone, for instance.

To give your videos that all-important professional air, you have to heavily invest your resources (mainly time and money) into video editing. If you’re an Apple user, it’s time to get a good video editing software for mac and brush up your skills before you commit to posting.

Make Perennial Videos 

Creating evergreen content is another classic way of garnering subscriptions. When we say ‘evergreen,’ we are talking about videos that remain relevant even 10 years down the line.

Video content topics are mainly aimed at those who have merely scratched the surface of that niche and are looking for fundamentals. If you become their first teacher, your viewers are going to stick around.

If you’re absolutely certain of the quality of your content, it’s time to scale up. You can create professional advertisements for your services or your product using a promo video maker and use these promotional videos to target an audience that goes beyond your current subscriber base.

Give Your Channel a Theme 

This is one of the most important steps. Work out a theme as per the perception you want to foster and the idea you want to present when a viewer first visits your channel. Perhaps you are a fitness coach, and you want to build a channel that talks about different exercises and workout routines.

It won’t look good if you abandon your fitness videos in the middle and start talking about something else you know in-depth about, say finance. It’ll just come across as cluttered content, at best.

If you’re struggling to find a theme, it’s time to take a step back and think about the problems you want your business to solve. So, discover your niche, work on it, and stick to it.

Intros and Outros 

Intros are crucial. Did you know that as much as 20% of your viewers will coyly move on to the next video within the first 10 seconds if they find your video to be not useful or entertaining? When you have an idea in mind, don’t ruin it with a tasteless introduction – give your subscribers a teaser of the climax.

Another way to bind your audience is by using intros and outros. Intros are the visuals that mark a video’s beginning, and outros are the ones that appear at the end of it.

Some YouTubers use intros that animate their logos, while others simply use an intro maker to keep their viewers hooked.

All in all, these intros should be simple, elegant, and shouldn’t confuse your audience (which will for sure drive them away). Having them symbolize your brand and display your value-proposition is putting these visuals to good use.

Get People To Click On Your Videos 

For anyone to potentially become a subscriber on your channel, they have to first click on your videos. And regardless of the quality, if they aren’t interested right from the onset, they’ll never be. And herein, the concept of thumbnails comes to your rescue.

The idle image or the thumbnail on top of your video has to portray a clear picture of what the video is going to be about. Having a background image that demonstrates the subject of the discussion obviously helps, but alternatively, you can show something that symbolizes the case at hand.

Having a human face, preferably the YouTuber’s, included as part of the thumbnail, gives the viewers a sense of emotion, familiarity, and inclusiveness and generates curiosity, which will make them click on your videos all the more.

Consistency Is Key 

This is a tough one and the most important point here. Posting your videos consistently at regular intervals is the only way to compete against YouTube’s algorithm. It also makes sure that your subscribers don’t have to pull their hair out while trying to recall the last video of yours they watched.

If you are in doubt about your availability in terms of posting within a stipulated time, you can always upload your videos and schedule them to post later. YouTube provides you with that functionality, as well.


Having returning viewers is the greatest reward you can get from YouTube. To grow your channel, you need to keep in mind your viewers and the YouTube algorithm while generating content.

The key is to take a pen and a piece of paper and plan as much as you can before you exhaust most of your awesome ideas. Find a peaceful environment to work in – perhaps a quiet room, or a place with a scenic view. Relax, take a step back, research well, and have fun with the process. Good luck!