The pandemic is a stressful and uncertain time. We’re all social distancing for the safety of ourselves and others. It’s not only about your health, but considering the wellbeing of the community. Even if you don’t develop COVID, you could still be a carrier of the condition and not know it.

That’s why it’s vital to practice social distancing. It’s crucial to do this, but it’s also essential to care for your mental health. You can’t meet up with people in large groups, go to parties, or even see a therapist in person. However, there are still ways you can nurture your mental health during a challenging time. Here are some easy ways to care for your well-being and stay grounded and stable.

Get outside

Social distancing causes us to be indoors a lot. Though you’re rooted in your home, you don’t have to isolate entirely. It’s crucial to stay safe during the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get outside at all. Put on a mask and go for a walk. You can stroll for a mile or even around the block.

Getting out in the open in any way can benefit your mental health. You can get out into the sunlight. Whether you live in an urban, suburban, or rural area, getting out is helpful to your mental health. It can help with feeling stir-crazy or having cabin fever. Walks can clear your mind, give you new scenery, and breaks up the routine.

Practice mindfulness

During the pandemic, there are many things that cause anxiety. Mindfulness is a tool that can support you during COVID-19 and beyond. You have tools within you to practice being in the present moment. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you can practice mindfulness.

Be aware of your body sensations and the thoughts that go through your mind. You don’t have to change them; just let them be there. It’s a good parallel for the pandemic. Things are out of your control, but you can always return to the present moment and focus on your breath. Breathing slowly and deeply can calm your mind during anxious moments.

Video chat or phone calls with loved ones

Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t connect with people you love. You can take time to video chat or have a phone conversation with your friends and family. It’s crucial to make time to chat with loved ones, so you feel connected with them. Just because you can’t see them in person doesn’t mean you can’t connect at all.

Video chat is a wonderful opportunity to see your friends and loved ones’ faces. You can also arrange to play games online together or have a watch party on Hulu or Netflix, where you collectively have a movie night. Some people don’t like video chat but prefer to talk on the phone. As long as you make time to talk to your friends and family, that’s what matters.


Online therapy is an excellent place to care for your mental health. During the pandemic, you can’t see a counselor in person, but you can meet with a therapist through video chat, phone, or messaging. It’s a great opportunity to nurture your mental health from the comfort of your home. You can discuss the challenges of the pandemic.

Maybe you’re curious about the status of your well-being. If that’s the case, you can take a mental health test to see how you’re doing. When you get the results, you can discuss these with an online counselor. Telehealth is a reliable way to maintain your wellness during COVID-19 and afterward. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help when you need it. An online therapist can support you during challenging times.

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