Many young people wish to become doctors because doctors are well paid and have a high social status in society. However, most medical colleges only have a limited number of seats and a large number of applicants for these seats. Hence young people who wish to become doctors, have to take the MCAT and only the students who have the best scores are eligible to study medicine.

Like most other exams, the score of the student will depend to a large extent on how well he or she has studied the subjects in the time available. Most students spend some hours a day traveling, and this time could be utilized for exam preparation. Here are some MCAT test prep tips to help students prepare for the exam while traveling:

Download Some Lessons

Most people tend to remember better when they hear something verbally and one of the best ways to utilize the time spent traveling is by listening to recorded lessons while you travel. A large number of people are listening to music while traveling, especially in public transport or walking. This time could be better utilized by listening to prerecorded MCAT test prep lessons using an mp3 player or your phone. They often come with noise cancellation features to reduce external noise (which will help you focus) and can be easily carried while commuting from one place to another.

Carry Flash Cards

Another way to review the MCAT test material is by preparing flash cards with all of the important concepts for the exam. Preparing these flashcards itself is a kind of preparation since the student has to determine what is important, and write it down, which is a form of practice. These cards are also lightweight and easy to carry around. So, when the student has some free time while traveling or waiting for public transport, they can take the cards out, and review the concepts repeatedly to help remember them.

Study With Friends

A third way to utilize the time spent traveling is by having a friend who is also preparing for the exam to accompany the student. The student and their friend can quiz each other on the various aspect of the study material for the MCAT exam, to check the understanding and knowledge levels of each other. If they are not thorough in a specific topic, they can review it later.

Digitize Your Material

Most books are fairly heavy, large in size, and difficult to carry from one place to another. Converting all the study material into digital format is a more convenient way to carry the study material since most students have smartphones that allow them to read different types of digital documents. Compact data storage devices can store thousands of pages of scanned and other documents. Since most students carry their smartphone everywhere, by scanning their book onto their phone or tablet, they can access their study MCAT test prep material from anywhere.

Mental Review

In case the above options are not available to the student, the student can always revise for the exam in their mind. They can think about the main topics for the MCAT exam and check if they understand and remember these concepts well. This can be used to identify the subjects in which they are not very proficient and take the necessary steps to improve their knowledge.