The colleges were reopened once the first-spell of the disease went away. But, the danger is still around the corner. Therefore, it is a must to take precautionary measures on priority.

Besides, seminars are being arranged to guide college students to stay safe during a pandemic and maintain mental health at this crucial time.

However, with the increasing number of cases, the stress level is also touching the sky. That’s why it is advised to follow the below-mentioned proverb.

As it is nicely said:

“Prevention is better than cure.”

Thus, without giving it a second thought, follow the SOPs announced by WHO and government, respect the orders, and spend a healthy life without fearing about covid to happen in the first place.

In this article, we have compiled some useful tips for staying safe in college. So, let’s check them!

Tips For Students During Covid_19 Pandemic

Here, read 12 amazing ways to keep covid away from you:

Practice Social Distancing Seriously

While in college, one of the most difficult SOP to follow is maintaining a distance from your friends. Well, we all know how friends interact on campuses. Physical touch is very common. Therefore, social distancing is considered as the must-to-follow rule in educational institutes.

Wear Face Masks Or Shields As A Protection

Don’t bring your face near to others as this disease is contagious and spreads through a slight touch of skin even. To avoid such a muddling situation, you should wear masks or face shields daily. In other cases, college authorities should take serious action against the person who doesn’t follow the SOP and prohibit entrance without masks.

Wash Your Hands With Soap After Using Toilet

After using college toilets, make it a habit to rinse off your hands and face with a good soap. Doctors suggested washing hands after every meal as well. The more you keep your hands clean, the more you walk away from the covid disease.

Keep Sanitizing Your Hands After Every 20 Minutes

Keep your hands clean and sanitize them after every few minutes to kill unwanted germs that stick to your skin when you touch different doors and items placed on the college campus. Make sure to secure your small cleanser bottle in a sanitizer holder keychain to make it accessible. Plus, clip this keychain to your backpack for hasty reach.

Keep Important Gears In College Bag

The disease is strange and sometimes silently hits the person. Let’s suppose you are in college, and your friend is feeling fatigued, and maybe a spike in temperature. Check his/her temperature and heartbeat using thermometer and oximeter (keep such gadgets in a bag for sure). Also, don’t forget medicines and antibiotics that are necessary for outings.

Put On Plastic Gloves On Hands

If you really don’t like washing hands every now and then on the campus, it is recommended to put on hand gloves before going to college and discard them as soon as you enter the home. Keep in mind to wash hands after removing gloves (before touching anything).

If You’re Sick, Learn From Home

The safety of students comes first. So, colleges have introduced some lenient rules for the suffering students. For instance, the students suffering from fever or flu are advised to self-quarantine themselves. Learn from home or hostel and think about others’ health the same way you think about your self-care.

Clean & Disinfect Your Dorm Room Regularly

Students who live in the college dormitory with other school or college mates must pay heed to this point. It is imperative to clean the dorm rooms and disinfect them to prevent insects and bacteria from entering. Moreover, the “disinfect procedure” should be performed thrice a day (morning, noon, and night).

Cover Your Mouth While Sneezing

Another important instruction given by doctors these days is to cover your mouth while sneezing or having flu. While you are in the college among the crowd, it is all that you can do to save others from the viral disease. Plus, it is strictly advised to sneeze into your elbow instead of covering it with hands or use a tissue.

Avoid alcohol

Drinking alcohol is injurious to health, especially in a pandemic situation. College students are highly restricted from bringing or consuming alcohol in the college. Instead, only fresh juices and mineral water must be allowed on the campuses. Alcohol can detriment the condition if the minor symptoms exist in the body.

Eat Healthy Stay Healthy

Going to college during a pandemic is indeed the test of your patience and, of course, endurance. Why? Because you have to say NO to junk food that is available in the canteen and welcome fruits, vegetables, and more organic food in your diet to boost the immune system. Irrefutably, don’t apprehend the significance of a healthy diet, which aids in healthy living.

Don’t Skip Covid Screening Tests Conducted In College

College authorities are now conducting screening tests every once or twice a week (at least). So, try to get yourself examined and tested once a week to gain assurance about your health and check if symptoms are found in you or not. Not only this but ask your friends and family members to get checked by the doctors to avoid severe circumstances.

How To Communicate Safety Guide To Help Children Stay Safe

After all, college students are children who need proper guidance and instructions on how to fight this virus. Thereby, deliver the lecture on how to be self-defensive in a polite tone. Make sure they are following the SOPs, and keep an eye on them.

Tell Them Where They Can Go In Case of Emergency

In this pandemic situation, every educational institution has specified an office or area for an emergency. Some might have appointed doctors for the first-aid procedure. So, it is necessary to guide college students where to go when such a problem occurs.

What Advice Do We Have For College Students & Parents

Some pieces of advice have been shared here:

  • For concerned students of the college, it is suggested to keep in mind that every person is different, so goes through diversified symptoms. However, this is not a thing to worry about. Second, don’t panic, as, with proper precautionary measures, we can defeat the virus.
  • For students’ parents, it is important to understand that we have to live with this virus present in the atmosphere, so keeping the anxiety level low is the only key to put this war to an end. Plus, make your children brave enough to fight this timely disease.


We have tried to cover the tips that are must to follow while going to college. Keep them in mind and share this article with as many people as you can to spread awareness.