With so much of the country feeling the economic effects of the past few months, more Americans are looking for fast, online work to make a quick buck. Did you know that you could actually add to your income with online surveys?

Choosing the right online surveys can be lucrative, and there are a ton of resources already available on the internet. Take a look at some of our favorite deals on the web today:


Probably one of the most popular survey sites on the market, SwagBucks is a favorite site among casual survey goers and those who’ve made this a full-time income.

The majority of the site is saturated with small tasks and quick surveys that take only a few minutes to complete. But, there are also longer assignments that can provide a quicker payoff.

Swagbucks uses third-party surveys from aggregate sites, so there is a wide variety in the length and quality. It’s also possible to be disqualified for certain surveys, so that can be incorporated into the total work time.

This site allows users to collect their pay in the form of points, which can be swapped for gift cards or payment through PayPal.


Unlike Swagbucks, this site allows users to choose the topics of the surveys they’d like to complete. Survey applicants have a higher level of control, and are able to accumulate their income in the form of cash on the site.

Topics can vary greatly between companies, from vr auto technology to medical services, fashion, and more.

Recently, participants reported earning an average of $0.71 per hour using Toluna. This isn’t the best site for moonlighting but can be a fun way to add to your savings fund or supplement your existing income.

Survey Junkie

This website is smaller than other aggregators on this list, but they are a contender for a reason. Surveys on this platform can earn a higher amount compared to other services.

Additionally, Survey Junkie has an easy-to-use dashboard that showcases all of your account information in one helpful place. This roadmap also shows how much you’ve earned in USD, instead of just using the site’s proprietary point system.

Branded Surveys

With a 50% success rate, this service provides a higher potential for payout than other survey sites on this list. Participants can complete surveys or small digital tasks to accumulate funds, with average earnings amounting to about $3 per session.

Branded Surveys uses a points system, and users are ranked based on their performance. Like a loyalty program, it’s possible to earn a bronze, silver, or gold level on your profile. The higher the level, the more earning opportunities are available.

New users can enjoy a 50 point bonus just for signing up.


Want to get a fast $5? New users earn a sign-up bonus just by creating an account with InboxDollars. This survey site provides one of the highest perks upon signing up, but earning potential is low compared to other entries on this roundup.

This site sends surveys directly to participants via email. Sometimes, users might also receive request forms for partner promotions, which typically require some form of identifying information like name, phone number, or address.

If you want to cover your bases and collect a passive stream of surveys, InboxDollars is the way to go.


While many competitor sites are convoluted and difficult to navigate, OpinionOutpost’s simple interface is a breath of fresh air. This site also includes a clean dashboard, and it’s easier to bounce from survey to survey with little downtime.

OpinionOutpost also uses a points system to pay participants and can yield some of the highest earnings per hour compared to other popular survey sites.

There is no minimum balance for cash out, and users can access their funds via Amazon.

Earning money online is easier than ever, and some opportunities don’t even require an interview or a W-9. If you’re looking for a simple way to earn a bit of extra money on the side, consider signing up with one of these survey sites.