Organizations today require advanced security in every aspect as modern problems need modern solutions. IntactPhone devices have the most powerful security all over the world, and they suit the needs of every organization. These high-end smartphones are basically built to offer you complete defense and help you stay safe from mobile cybercrime.

The operating system of these smartphones delivers a security-rich user experience along with fused command and control app and offers built-in secure communication along with various other essential performance assurance and security utilities. All of these components together make the Intact Mobile Security platform. You are protected from malware, eavesdropping, data breaches, hacking attempts, and tampering of your communication and mobile data. These smartphones are specially made to serve your particular enterprise mobile security needs.

IntactPhone Arcane Heavily Secured Phone for Individuals and Businessmen

The IntactPhone Arcane secure phone for business is manufactured by CommuniTake, and the company owns its complete code, including bootloader and drivers. The secured boot of CommuniTake focuses on blocking the altered boot code substitution, boot process substitution interruption of security backdoor, and false commands into the setup of the device. CommuniTake offers entire auditing access to the source code of intact pone along with its bootloader and drivers.

Moreover, IntactPhone uses IntactOS, which is a custom-built operating system that is security-rich. The operating system is built to address all concerns of mobile security that enterprises face today. The IntactOS is built just like an android operating system. It is basically built using the source code in order to provide complete protection against any kind of cyber-attacks by preventing any security breaches appearing in a commercial android operating system. The Intact operating system had no hooks to carriers, and it is free of bloatware.

This phone offers heavy security, and it does this by encrypting voice-over IP calls via ZRTP. Also, you can use any network for communication, including 2G GSM, LTE, and 3G UMTS-CDMA.

Additionally, the device offers end-to-end encryption that is based on message encryption AES256 using a 256-bit key length along with RSA 2048.

You will get your Intact smartphones with a software subscription of 12 or 24 months, allowing you access to the below-mentioned features:

  • Regular updates
  • Antivirus updates
  • Instruction detection technology/Machine learning
  • Cybersecurity alerts
  • Platform for closed-loop secure communication

Here is what you will get with your IntactPhone Arcane:

  • SIM tray pin.
  • Original USB cable.
  • Original USB charger.
  • Smartphone.

IntactPhone Bond – Most Secure Encrypted Mobile Phone for Individuals and Businessmen

Now that we know how businesses and organizations are struggling to protect their data and communication from potential breaches and cyber-attacks, we must consider turning to safer options that offer maximum security, such as IntactPhone BOND. Mobile protection has now become the most important factor in today’s business world. It is true that most organizations support Bring-Your-Own-Device programs, while others prefer to put highly secured devices in the hands of their employees. However, the BYOD programs surely have some limitations because of privacy directives. Considering the lower number of people who are using secured phones, organizations all around the world are still at risk of losing their data or become a victim ofcyber-attacks sooner or later.

CommuniTake Technologies creates and delivers a complete mobile security platform that focuses on organizations that fall under government and also security units. CommuniTake has proved that their Intact Mobile Security offers complete protection from cyber-attacks, system vulnerabilities and device exploits, changes in device configuration, and device root access. It also protects your device from infected and malicious apps, physical extraction of data, etc.

The new IntactPhone Business on Device (BOND) has flexible pricing and amazing specifications that suit the security requirements of almost all businesses and offer them the benefit of stronger mobile security.

The device runs on a custom-built OS which is obviously security-rich. IntactPhone BOND offers encrypted communications, upgraded privacy, and threat intelligence, with absolutely no Google services. It comes with a built-in anti-malware along with networking monitoring, smooth android enterprise support, remote control technology, as well as panic mode.

Also, for instant communications, the device supports an encrypted app for communications also the third party secured app for communication helping users to communicate with one another according to their preferences. IntactPhone BOND makes it easier for you to established secured mobile phone communications while delivering you a great user experience.

IntactPhone R2 Heavily Secured Phone for Military and Police Personnel

IntactPhone R2 Is Uncheckable and Features Ultra Secure Custom Operating System

The device used a hardened and super secure operating system that is known as IntactOS. If hackers want to illegally access your device, they will first have to break through the IntactPhone R2’s operating system, which is obviously impossible. The custom-built Intact OS is safely connected to the hardware. Thus booting another operating system that is unauthorized is clearly impossible. This operating system leaves no room for hackers to compromise its security at any cost.

All of your data stored in the phone is password protected; hence there is no way your information of communication data will be leaked through any hacking attempt. This operating system also allows you to establish encrypted communications. It means that service provides will not be able to listen to your communications no matter how hard they try. Also, you can only install applications that have been checked as well as verified by CommuniTake technologies.

IntactPhone R2 – Fastest and Secured Mobile Device

The device features 6GB RAM offering you a smooth user experience allowing you to multitask. It means that your device can control and manage multiple apps at one time. Also, you can switch between the apps faster than you imagine. IntactPhone R2 promises to be the fastest non-hackable phone that ever existed.

Long-lasting Battery Capacity

  • The device’s stunning designs make it easier for it to accommodate a 4200 mAh battery.
  • The device takes up to three hours to get fully charged.
  • If fully charged, the device can be used for upto three days.