Alexey_Hulsov (CC0), Pixabay

Pretty much all of us already familiar with Bitcoin’s immense money-making potential, but one thing most people don’t know about Bitcoin is that it’s very active in the gaming scene! Bitcoin’s been a part of gaming for a long time now, inserting itself in a range of different games that players know and love. While Bitcoin’s already a staple with different forms of gaming, it’s safe to say that there are certain game genres Bitcoin fans prefer more than others. If you’re wondering which genres are the most popular in the world of Bitcoin gaming, here are the ones you should look into.

Arcade Action in Bitcoin Games

One of the most popular new trends in the world of Bitcoin gaming is Bitcoin games. Not to be confused with games that you need Bitcoin to access, these web-based minigames are free to play and can even give players rewards in the form of Bitcoin! The most popular genre with these games is a kind of a mixed bag. Since most Bitcoin games are inspired by arcade classics, the arcade-style action genre is a smash-hit with fans! While these nostalgic action-packed games are incredibly entertaining, players shouldn’t expect to earn much Bitcoin by playing them.

If you’re in it to make profits, an excellent alternative would be going for another popular Bitcoin trend – automated trading. While earning Bitcoin through automated trading might not be as fun as earning it through playing Bitcoin games, the activity is very laidback compared to other Bitcoin profit options. What’s better, users don’t need any experience to get their start with automated trading! All you need to do is download top-notch automated Bitcoin trading software like the Bitcoin Storm app and let the advanced AI trading bots do the hard work for you!

Fantasy in Online Casino Slots

Casino games are one of the first games where Bitcoin made an appearance. With the popularity of online casinos growing immensely in the past decade, many Bitcoin fans wanted the option to play on these websites using their crypto wallets. Thankfully, online casinos also liked this idea, so they included Bitcoin as a payment method very early on! As you can expect, these operators host a plethora of different casino classics like Blackjack, Roulette, and Poker! While these games are insanely entertaining, the real stars of online casinos are the themed slots.

These exciting fast-paced games come in all shapes and sizes, but it seems that Bitcoin users are smitten with Fantasy themed slots! It’s easy to see why fantasy slots are a fan-favorite among users. These slots are often colorful, include creative gameplay elements, and are full of incredible fantasy-inspired landscapes and animations that players can’t take their eyes off!

Horror in Traditional Video Games

Traditional video games are undoubtedly the most versatile ones in the mix. They come in loads of genres that are more than enough to fit anyone’s needs. Lucky for Bitcoin users, it’s easy to get your hands on classic video games using Bitcoin as payment. Thanks to Bitcoin’s entry into the mainstream, many online, and some offline game shops are now as Bitcoin-friendly as can be. These include the online shopping platform Keys4Coins, the Microsoft Xbox Store, and even the PlayStation Network!

It might come as somewhat of a surprise to learn that the most popular genre here with Bitcoin users is horror. It seems that Bitcoin fans love a good scare to get their blood pumping, and we can’t say that we blame them. With so many incredibly haunting horror games currently on the market, it’s easy to get swept up in the spookiness of it all and get hooked on a great horror story.