a woman getting a laser on her leg

Sorry to burst the beauty bubble – but laser-assisted hair removal is no longer a female’s domain. With K-beauty standards for men taking over globally, males nowadays are going ‘full Monty’ in terms of their body hair. Albeit, there are a host of other reasons and issues that propel this sudden spurt in laser removal techniques. Unlike in the past, men have ditched the ‘shame and stigma’ associated with going hairless and have embraced this new look all the more.

If you have been just interested in this new beauty offering called laser hair removal and would like to know more about the ‘facts that not many would tell you,’ then this know-it-all guide will assist you. As you slide down this article, you will get to register certain facts, advantages, and prepping tips that perhaps you are not privy to.

Its time to give a thought about beautifying the male counterparts –

How does laser-assisted hair removal work for men?

Assuming you are just introduced to this fold, just like the female skin, laser hair removal for male skin also uses a concentrated beam of light (laser beam) to destroy the hair follicles, inhibiting their future growth.

This beam categorically targets the melanin pigment (light turns into heat) produced by the body and restricts it. In fact, just like in females, in men as well, the surrounding area is not affected, and the hair from the targeted area is removed, giving it a smoother look (and finer hair when it minimally regrows back).

Specifically targeting the backside and shoulders, along with the chest, legs, face, abdomen, and buttock area, men seemed to have started enjoying the benefits of this painless hair removal technique. In fact, athletes, bodybuilders, social media influencers, and celebs have garnered increased interest in the same.

Why do men want it more?

It is quite surprising how men have suddenly started reaping the benefits of this inherently ‘female beauty technique.’ Let’s check out the advantages that laser beam-assisted hair removal has been providing men –

1. People from specific professions are acknowledging the positives

Sportspersons, performers, and social media influencers are speaking of its benefits. For athletes, this laser hair removal technique has improved their performance efficiency and solved their hygiene issues. For performers (especially those who have to wear specific types of clothes) or even influencers who deal in beauty products, this has come as a huge respite from constant waxing and shaving ordeal.

2. The precision of this technique is notable

The precision and efficiency that this form of hair removal offers are truly credible and unlike any other mode. Ideal for sensitive and intimate areas, it arrests the ingrown hair considerably.

3. Improved skin quality

Lastly, laser hair removal improves skin quality significantly. The effects are quite visible, thereby making more men opt for this process. Especially those who are in the concerned field – they have found a respite from the hassle.

How to prepare for this technique?

Though your laser hair removal guide will walk you through it, let’s try to give you a basic manual –

Step 1 – Have a clear discussion about this

For the unversed, not every beam of light is suitable for your skin. Depending on your skin tone, you will have to opt for ND Yag, Alexandrite, or Ruby options. After that, the skin technician undertakes a patch test, and on the success of the same will, this process goes ahead.

Step 2 – Keep away from intense outdoor activity

Skin tanning, or any type of scratch or cut on your skin, is a strict no-no. So 4 weeks prior to your treatment, no such activity is permitted.

Step 3 – Prepare your skin accordingly

Before the procedure, you must refrain from waxing or plucking your skin. Apart from that, on the appointment day, you cannot apply any lotion or perfume on the skin. It should be naturally fresh – as it is for a successful treatment.

Note: Once the initial session ends, you will be prescribed certain medications. However, despite the same, there are chances of swelling or skin irritation. This is a common affair, and there’s no need to panic about the same.

Did you know?

Assuming you have read this content well, you may go ahead and brag that there’s nothing you don’t know about this hair removal process. As much as you are prepped for your session, here are a couple of reality checks you must take before actualizing this treatment process. They are –

  • A single session is not enough!

You might think that a single sesh is all you need to get rid of that ‘hairy mess’ that your body has become, but as mentioned before – that’s not how it works. Accept mentally and prepare your body physically for close to 3-6 sessions over a couple of months (or as your medical adviser predicts) to derive the desired results.

  • It’s not going to be dirt-cheap as claimed!

There may be multiple claims of spas offering dirt-cheap rates for laser removal. However, these claims are untrue. Most of the noted clinics within the Canadian domain offer this service at an affordable rate.

The standard rates that are applicable are – for underarms, the session starts from $76, and for up to 10 sessions, the cost goes up to $418. Then if you talk of legs and upper arms, the amount is within $300 – $1660 for over 10 sessions. For sensitive areas such as upper lips, the round of the chin, the anal area, or even bikini wax (men with rather thick hair opt for this) – the approximate rates start from $80 and normally go up to $600+taxes.

  • Accept that some hair will grow back!

This is another fact that the sooner you accept, the better it is. Just after the treatment, you may have the perfect dolphin body, but soon after, you will notice small growths. You may opt for an annual treatment for the same, or you may let go, as they will be next to invisible.

Parting thoughts

As tall as the claims may be, without a doubt, laser hair treatment has its set of negatives and might not be something that everyone may wish to opt for. Having said that, pick out any statistics you will see for yourself – the positive results giving this technique a huge boost! So, if you are in two minds, it is advised you check out some of the websites of the noted laser spas in Toronto and wider Canadian areas and pick out their details. Have a chat with their consultant and your skin specialist and make an informed decision.