The Internet casino industry is developing very rapidly. And if a couple of years earlier, you could play elementary one-armed bandits online, today the variety of gambling entertainment is much wider, and it keeps growing every day.

For example, you can play slot machines for free and without registration for virtual currency. Or you can register an account, make a deposit and get a real-money bonus from a casino. All these are a reality in the online gambling business.

Apart from the diversity of gambling options, you can also count on a wide range of games. Creating an account on the casino site of your liking, you get access to a variety of machines: classic three-reel, modern five-reel with 3D graphics, multi-line slots, and so on.

So you can just select the machine, press the appropriate button, wait for the download, and start. But along with the above gaming options, there is another type of casino entertainment. Thus, you can play live dealer roulette or make a bet at the blackjack table in real-time. So what is special about live dealer games? What do you need to know about this type of entertainment?

Basic Features of a Live Casino

The work of a traditional online casino is carried out automatically. You go to the site, choose a game, and launch it. That is, you are in contact with the pre-installed program, which is not the case when you play live dealer games.

Any live casino differs noticeably from this digital format of gambling as it brings a piece of a real game into the web establishment. What does this mean? The live online casino system is based on the following elements:

  • real gaming tables for poker, roulette, blackjack;
  • live dealers;
  • internet connection;
  • web cameras.

Modern video and broadcasting equipment are used in the course of a live dealer game, allowing you to see and contact dealers of a live casino. Thanks to a camera with a microphone, you can communicate with the dealer, ask questions, and give him commands, such as “give a card,” “pass,” and so on.

Apart from live and real-time communication with a dealer, you can also closely control the game flow and make sure that there are no manipulations. Basically, any live dealer game looks like a real game in a real casino. The only difference is that you do not need to leave your comfortable setting to play.

Taking into account the above features of a live casino, this type of gambling entertainment can be considered a new gaming experience that gives a sense of reality. If you want to feel the atmosphere of a real casino in Las-Vegas without leaving your home, then you can always launch live dealer games right on your PC, tablet, or even mobile phone.