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Is your decision to go in for converting your garage into an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in LA still in the process? Gaining the knowledge of how the pricing mechanism works allows you to make the most of it when planning this project. This comprehensive guide reviews the latest cost estimation and expectancy of cost to convert garage into ADU in Los Angeles.

Variables That Can Effect Cost To Convert Garage Into ADU

In LA, a detail that van most often happens is that such conversions usually cost more per square foot than a regular single-family house. Several factors contribute to the cost to convert garage into ADU.

  • Fixed permitting and design fees.
  • Bathrooms and kitchens count.
  • Size of living space.
  • Power connection or utilities, basements, concrete, etc.

Cost To Convert Garage Into ADU: 2-Car Garage Conversion

The cost to convert garage into ADU is usually between $70,000 and $107,000. It expands with the payment of up to the property design, planning, permits, city fees, and any kind of inputs that go into this process, like the construction labor and materials.

Return on Investment (ROI) for Garage Conversion ADUs

Along with this original investment, PADUs are also known to offer attractive ROI. The approach of Salvaged materials and principal construction allows for units that range from $225 to $300 per square foot, representing a great return on investment. The passive cash flow generated by LA rental units should also be noticed.

Options for Developing a 499 Sqf ADU

A 499 Sqf ADU can be developed through two primary methods

  • Change the existing garage into a bigger one for additional use.
  • For new construction, either detached or attached can occur -ground-up building units erection.

It produces the same results either way, but the cost to convert the garage into an ADU through the first approach can be economical due to the ability to reduce construction costs.

The Role of Levi Construction

Levi Construction and its ability to revolutionize renovation are a bunch of professional people who can help you make the most of your garage refurbishment. Walking on a path of best artisan work and attention to detail, indeed, Levi Construction will take you to a safe place for your ADU development, and consequently, your goal will be achieved.

Further, professionals of Levi Construction will try their best to reduce the cost of converting your garage into an ADU for you!


The cost to convert garage into ADU in Los Angeles vary significantly, comprehensive knowledge about the main factors is considered important. Equipped with this information, you can finalize the plan and follow through with the project in each phase of the planning and the implementation towards the best result.

From the factors affecting cost to convert garage into ADU to the value range being prepared for building an ADU from a two-car garage conversion up to the tempting possibility of a well-earned return on investment (ROI), everything can be regarded as the point to be discussed. On the other hand, various ways of constructing a 499 square feet ADU, like garage conversion and adding-on or ground-up construction, give an ideal opportunity for tailoring to an individual requirement and budget.