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It’s hard to count how many different payment methods there are. Nonetheless, people are looking for one that may be the easiest for all the transactions they make. This could be the case for online casinos. Seamless is one attribute to look out for – especially when it involves speed and ease of use.

Another factor is the speed of the transactions. Enter MuchBetter: a payment platform that could be making waves in the online casino space. Could it be the best payment method yet? This extensive guide will give us the answers and more.

If you are not familiar with MuchBetter’s payment processor, consider this an introductory guide of sorts. Once you understand how it works, you can use it to your advantage. Let’s get started with what you need to know.

What is MuchBetter?

MuchBetter is a digital payment service that is based in London that was founded in 2017. So it’s a newer kid on the block compared to its counterparts like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Since making its presence known, MuchBetter seems to live up to its name. At the outset, it functions like any ordinary digital payment processor where you deposit, withdraw, or send money.

It can be used wherever accepted, including MuchBetter Casinos. You can make deposits to your online casino account or receive your winnings per your request. But in what ways does it stand out? That’s what we’ll talk about in the next section, so let’s continue on.

What are the outstanding features of MuchBetter?

Before trying out MuchBetter, it’s important to know what it has for capabilities. At the same time, you may be wondering how it stands out in regard to fees. So let’s dive right in and take a look at some of the following features and benefits:

Excellent security features

Security is always a priority factor for many users. With MuchBetter, it has perhaps one of the best measures to keep your account protected. This includes touch ID and device pairing. There is no such thing as having too much when it comes to protecting yourself against fraud.

The company has placed the development of its security features as a high priority. This is a good sign for those who want a highly secure payment method for every transaction.

It has little to no fees – but with a caveat

Aside from a 0.99 percent fee for currency conversion and 2 percent for cryptocurrency, there are no other fees that apply. Meaning you can transfer money (P2P) without worrying about fees. For example, MuchBetter users in the United Kingdom can enjoy 0 percent deposit and withdrawal fees when using instant bank transfers, debit cards, and more.

However, there is a caveat to be aware of. There are some fees that may apply from one country to another. You can use MuchBetter’s fee guide to see what applies to the country where you reside.

It’s available worldwide

With the exception of the United States and other restricted countries, MuchBetter is widely accessible in many parts of the world. They are fully operational in over 185 countries and utilize 50 different currencies. Doing business globally is made easily using your local currency.

However, online casinos may support major currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP and nothing else. So, a currency conversion may be possible before you play using MuchBetter. Once again, the conversion rate of 0.99 percent applies here.

It’s fast…really fast

They say speed is always good for payment methods. With MuchBetter, you get an instant notification the moment you receive incoming funds. This will be great knowing that you’re getting your winnings from your favorite online casino. A casino must have a dedicated MuchBetter account for it to instantly perform transactions with you and its customers who have their own MuchBetter account.

Why do seamless deposit methods matter in online casinos?

When it comes to deposit methods, we want to get it done with little to no issue. MuchBetter, with its instant payment, can make things easier for online casino players. Since MuchBetter is an eWallet, you can expect the transactions to be processed anywhere from instantly to no more than an hour – whether it’s deposits or transactions.

This can be due to verification processes that can take place. It’s a necessary evil but online casinos tend to do this to ensure that you are the real person. Plus, they also do it to deter any wrongdoing that may happen on their own site. Before you know it, you will have deposited enough to play your favorite online casino games.

Yes, seamless can also mean getting started quickly. You might be excited to play a game of blackjack. Or you might be in the mood for slot games. Either way, seamless will make the wait times a lot less.

MuchBetter has proven itself that it can be an excellent payment method for online casino players. With its lack of fees, seamless transactions, and global access, it can be a force to be reckoned with. Its high-priority focus on security is something that should never go unnoticed, especially when it comes to the idea of protecting your money in an age where cyber-attacks are at every corner.

Nonetheless, you can see MuchBetter as a better option than PayPal and other eWallets. Once you have yours set up, you might be ready to play your favorite online casino games.

MuchBetter may be one of the best payment methods for online casinos. It may give other eWallets and even cryptocurrencies a run for their money. That’s because its speed and security may stand out as one of its prominent features over all else. Not to mention, it has little to no fees and will be more convenient for online casino players.

If you have a MuchBetter account, there’s an online casino that will accept it. So give it a try and see what kind of fun you can have with the games you enjoy playing.