Anyone who studies the math of gambling will quickly discover that every single game of chance has a built-in house edge, thus all casino games will make a profit over the long term for the company or individual that operates such games.

As I know many people now play all manner of different casino games on a mobile device for real money, I asked the team over at CasinoUSA which games they recommend for players that set about playing at any iPhone Casino, those being the games that offer the best paybacks.

They told me it is always going to be the slot and video poker games that have the highest payout percentages or RTP (return to player) that players should be making a beeline to play, and/or the card and table games that boast the lowest house edges.

The RTP for reference is simply the percentage of players combined stakes fed through a gaming machine over the long term that is paid back out to players, and the house edge is the percentage of players stakes over the long term a casino operator is expected to win from those real money players that set about playing any type of card or table games.

Slots with the Best Paybacks

You will soon be able to locate one of the best casino apps for iPhone owners, and with some big bonuses and promotional deals on offer, and with fast payouts and a massive suite of slot games on offer on those apps you will certainly have a fully rounded gambling experience too.

However, when it comes to the best paying slot machines, then you need to have some idea of the average long term expected payout percentage that mobile slot machines have been designed to payout to players.

Well, that figure is around 96%, and as such to ensure you get more winning payouts over the long term you should actively be on the hunt for and only ever play those slots boasting an RTP higher than 96%.

One question I have been asked quite a lot about slot game payout percentages is where that information can be found.

It is either going to be on the paytable or the attached help files that all-important payback information can be found, however, do keep in mind that many casino apps and casino sites will list the RTP’s of each and every slot machine that has on offer on their respective website.

So, looking up that information is not going to be time-consuming or difficult, and it is something you should always set forth and do to ensure you know which slot games return the best and highest paybacks to players.

Card and Table Games with Low House Edges

It does not make a difference as to just which real money casino apps for iPhone you download, you are going to find a range of card and table games on offer to you on those apps.

The best card games to play are the ones with the lowest house edges, and the ones that instantly spring to mind that have the best set of paybacks and therefore the lowest house edge are games such as Blackjack.

By aware though you will need to learn how to play Blackjack perfectly using the best playing strategy to ensure you never make any costly playing errors, so never forget that simple fact before you set about playing in a real money playing environment.

Table game players will often make a beeline to play games such as Roulette but be aware all mobile casino apps and sites will offer more than one variant of that game.

The general rule of thumb for the variants offering the best paybacks and the lowest house edge is the Roulette games with just one single zero on the betting layout and wheel, and those with no optional side bets too.