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It’s not only Trump, Berlin or Pink Floyd that love and hate a wall. McDonald’s is also having a wall problem themselves. It seems that McDonald’s have decided that a new interior design move is mandatory for all franchisees and this includes the building of a wall inside the kitchen area.

Franchisees are being forced by McDonald’s to build that wall and are fighting against the decision since it’s a costly and irrelevant addition according to all the Franchisees. According to most franchises, the problem with McDonald’s is their decision to invest in money spending ideas that produced no ROI while investing in drive-throughs and kitchen equipment is much more lucrative.

Another nice allegory is the name McDonald’s has given to the Wall; it called a SAM which is short for service area modernization. SAM’s are also the name of Russian rocket missiles, so in this case, the SAM’s are more destructive like a missile, then protective, like a wall should be.

One such issue around the proposed SAM was its security effect, where a wall would cause a blind spot for the kitchen staff, blocking their line of sight to the serving area and to see when customers come and go from the restaurant.

The SAM wall proposal is part of an internal McDonalds concept to become a “fast-casual” service rather than just a fast service. These changes come from McDonalds CEO Steve Easterbrook but are now being delayed due to the antagonism they have raised among the many franchisees due to the extreme costs involved. This delay is sound business acumen since over 90% of the chain is owned by franchisees, and that’s a majority of the 37,000 or so locations around the world.

The bottom line is that change will only happen if the franchisees make money from it, and not just McDonalds HQ.