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You can have a gunfight over anything, anytime and anywhere, just bring a gun and be ready to use it. That’s what happened in a McDonalds joint at Thompsons Bridge Road, Gainesville last Thursday morning.

No one was injured, but it was a definite wake up call to think twice about complaining at a McDonalds.

So here goes. It’s 8:30 am and a couple, Matthew and Jamie Johnson arrive at the McDonalds site to order a meal. They made their order but had to correct it, she received a bagel with no sauce, and she ordered sauce. So Jamie goes in to request the addition of sauce and said “I went back and said, ‘Listen, Y’all need to put breakfast sauce, but not a lot. and when I looked, there was a puddle (of sauce).”

Now that wasn’t enough for Jamie’s husband Matthew, he went inside to complain about the service, and the employee “started (verbally) on me first,” according to Jamie.

So far so bad, but then it goes to worse, because there are bad Samaritans all over the place, and in this joint one stranger decided that early morning soap is not his choice of entertainment, so this stranger gets up and starts a fight with Matthew.

Matthew describes the situation as such; “He’s punching me, hitting me, and then we come outside,” Matthew Johnson said. “I say, ‘I’m calling the cops.’ I pick up my phone, and he puts a gun in my back … and he goes, ‘I’m about to blow a hole in your (expletive) back. When I turn around, he shoots, and it hit the ground,” Matthew Johnson said. “Thank God, because I was able to maneuver. I got lucky.”

The stranger leaves the scene in a rush, and no one knows whether this lunatic has been apprehended as of yet.