First Year Student
First Year Student

If you’re a freshman in college, then you’re definitely nervous, worried, and thrilled about the beginning of your academic journey! Taking into consideration how crazy the transition from high school to university can be, make certain to take a look at some resources and tools that may help the needy students throughout his or her college career. OK, here are ten things for you to use to make your studies as successful as possible.


Have you talked to college or university students lately? If yes, then you know how crucial it is to have a planner at hand. As the semester starts, you’d want to put down all the due dates for the essays, book reports or research papers together with the days when you’re going to have quizzes and tests. Having everything on the list helps you prepare for the next week as early as you can to avoid anxiety and stress.

Trusted Custom Writing Service

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. As the college year starts, make sure to find a reliable custom writing service that can be accessed 24/7. It is not rare for a first-year college student, who has dozens of assignments, to realize all of a sudden that there’s an essay due tomorrow. The great thing about companies like AdvancedWriters is that you can reach their experts at any time of the day or night and get your assignment done ASAP.

Where to Purchase Cheap Textbooks

When you’re in your first-year course, it can be pretty difficult to know where to search for your textbooks. Reach your classmates to find out about some cheap college textbook finding sources. First, try such options as eBay and Amazon and then proceed to the options recommended by the friends.


Do you struggle with punctuation, grammar, and spelling? If that’s the case, Grammarly could be the option. Use this free program to improve your essays, course works, and book reviews by detecting punctuation and spelling mistakes. Once you’re done with the registration, feel free to download it onto your laptop, and Grammarly will function behind the scenes to help you deal with your writings.

Tutoring Center

Somewhere in the middle of your first year in college, you will come to an understanding that studying is hard. The reality of how challenging college actually is will hit you when you have four exams and three major assignments due all in the same week. Tutoring center is a superb resource that you should consider. Your tutors and instructors know how hard you struggle with the studies and will do their best to help you in a professional manner. Without a doubt, you feel a bit embarrassed about needing to approach your tutors, but let’s admit it – failing to accomplish your essays and pass the exams like a pro is more embarrassing.


Use this app to have an opportunity to easily create a channel for dialogue. Feel free to use Chatzy to ease more in-depth discussion, answer various questions, or to produce exit tickets. All you have to is to create a virtual chat room and invite your friends to join one.

Quizlet or/and Notecards

One of the best study techniques is to create note cards. If you have tough times trying to make the desired grade in a hard class, make sure to take the time at least a week and a half before the exam to create note cards. To do this, ensure to write a question on one side of the notecard and place the answer directly on the opposite side. If you prefer to type up the note cards, it’s time to check Quizlet. Using this website options, you will get an opportunity to make note cards, create quizzes, and test yourself on these quizzes and note cards in order to see how efficient your knowledge is.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Okay, this one goes just for fun. The reality is that sooner or later you will need a good defense. Living with snoring roomies, dealing with that one-drunk-dude-who-visits-everyone at 3 am, you will be happy with your purchase.

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We hope that these resources and tools help you feel at least a bit more at ease when it’s time to step into your first academic year in college or university. Without a doubt, this is a big step, but as you get prepared, you can totally make it!