Technology now plays a key role in all our lives and nowhere is this seen more than in tablets and smartphones. These marvels of modern tech not only allow us to call, text and email but also allow us to video call and surf the web. It is perhaps this ability to head online to shop, browse and stay entertained that has been the most revolutionary when it comes to the latest mobile devices. One way of staying busy that has become increasingly popular in recent years is mobile gaming. This allows you to use your mobile device to play games over the internet at sites including Hollywood online casino.

One country that has really caught the mobile gaming bug is China, and many now expect to see this appetite for playing games on a mobile device to spread across the world.

China and mobile gaming

China is a vast country with over one billion citizens. It is also a country that, like others in the region, loves technology. This has seen it become the ideal place for mobile gaming to take hold and really take off. It is estimated that around 691 million Chinese people play mobile games via their smartphone or tablet – over half of the population! This is not a recent trend either – the popularity of mobile gaming has been on the rise in China for a few years now and sees little sign of abating. Indeed, by the end of 2020, many predict the market there will be worth $30 billion alone.

The rest of the world is starting to follow suit

As the above shows, China is very much into mobile gaming and has become a real hot spot for it. What is interesting though is how the rest of the world is starting to follow its lead in adopting mobile gaming in a big way.

As with China, there is clear evidence around to back this up. The global gaming market now is thought to be worth around $150 billion with mobile gaming making up almost half of that figure with global annual revenue of $68 billion. This shows that other countries are also buying into playing games on mobile devices in a big way – be that online casino games or games like Clash of Clans or Fortnite.

But why are we all falling in love with mobile gaming?

It is fun and entertaining

Of course, the first thing which has caused mobile gaming to become so popular is that it is fun! Everyone loves playing games and having some time to just relax with them and take a break from normal life. Games like this are also great for keeping us entertained and always give us something enjoyable to do. This can come in very handy on that boring commute to work or during a lunch break.

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Convenient and perfect for modern life

One of the real secrets behind the growth of mobile gaming in China and beyond is how convenient it is. You may like playing games to pass the time but getting out a traditional board game when you have a break at work is both impractical and time-consuming. Mobile games though are the opposite – they fit in perfectly with our busy modern lives as they can be quickly played for a few minutes and then put down. As they are accessible through your compact mobile device, they are also more convenient to carry around and play.

Better tech in mobile devices

Another reason playing mobile games has grown so much recently is simply that tablets and smartphones now have more powerful tech inside them. This means that they can handle more complex games with better graphics and a more impressive sound. By having mobile devices that can do this, it has allowed game studios to create titles that are more involving and which we want to play.

Mobile gaming set to take over

The gaming market in China and the whole world is set to continue its upward trajectory. Although there may be periods of quieter growth, the sheer popularity of mobile gaming is set to see greater annual revenues. Although console and PC gaming will continue to play its part, many think that mobile gaming via apps or casino sites will become an even bigger player over time.