Roulette games are as old as slots and, of course, are favored by many casino lovers today. The excitement you get in anticipation before the ball finally lands a spot is just thrilling. While most winners have profited from making wild guesses at roulette rounds, there are better ways to guarantee more wins. This is possible by implementing the good practices and hacks that’d be discussed shortly.

At the end of this piece, you should have improved your plays from a mere beginner new to roulette. It’d take quite a while for you to master some, if not all, of these hacks, but when you eventually do, it pays long-term. Without further ado, let’s get into some pro tips for roulette gaming.

Progressive Roulette Betting Systems

The first online roulette strategy we’d discuss is called the “Progressive System.” This strategy has been used by many newbies to understand and master the game. The roulette systems help players, in general, to strategize their rounds when they play roulette. They have been used by actors in casino cinema in the form of what many viewers consider stalling while watching an opponent.


This is another common approach to playing roulette like a professional, sometimes paired with Fibonacci. It’s a rather comprehensive and straightforward strategy to implement during roulette games. All you have to do is set a bet size on a single unit and mostly double your bets whenever you lose. Wild, right? It’s a popular and smart way to tilt the winning odds in your favor.


Fibonacci does the trick in helping people get lots of returns when staking on casino games. It’s not as comprehensive as the previous ones, but it’s just about religiously following a series of numbers. For example, 1-1-2-3-5-8-13-21-34-55-89. It looks a lot riskier than the other strategies, but it’s the most profitable option for any player looking to win more safely.

Inverse-Martingale or Paroli

The truth is that you stand a high chance of winning every time you apply Paroli to each roulette round. This roulette hint is the inverse of Martin-gale, where actors in casino films double their bets after every win. Doing this at an online casino immediately makes your next stake safer than the traditional system. You need at least 50% of outside stakes.


This is one of the evergreen roulette tips used in cinema productions. The rules are pretty simple; only stake in flat amounts when you wager at online casinos. Check out the casinos with Australian online roulette reviews to find a reputable site, choose roulette, and don’t forget to employ the tip to win real money at a stretch. Start nice and easy! At the end of the 9th game on any of the Australian online casinos, you’ll have had four wins and five losses.


Labouchere is one roulette strategy used by the 007 superstars many times. This betting sequence aims to classify your expected winnings into multiple bets. This is one of the best online roulette tips that prevent you from exhausting your points before reaching the threshold. If you wish to take home $100, split it into individual stakes.

Non-progressive Roulette Strategies

Just like they sound, you can stake however you wish without following a progressive or descending pattern. You can proceed by getting rid of every plan of increasing your stakes later in the game. These roulette approaches are anti-climate, which means they will happen regardless of how frequently you decrease your stakes. They help keep you safe.

James Bond

Ian Flemming designed this passive approach to roulette gaming at a casino. There are predictable combinations that work well enough to be named after the 007 characters. This is a simple flat system that has to be followed religiously as well. Stake $14 on 19-36, $5 on 13-14-15-16-17-18, and $1 on 0. It is best to leave out 8, 2, 4, and 1 for now.

Roulette Strategy Fallacies

Contrary to what you have seen in a film, no amount of calculations from previous plays would change the house edge. We’ve been made to believe these myths from watching actors starring in casino movies and sometimes implementing them in our roulette rounds. These actors are paid to look believable when in Las Vegas. Remember, there’s an actual roulette table that makes predictions difficult. Let’s run through some of these fallacies of casino royale.

There are Lucky Numbers

Actors in your favorite casino movie may brag about a lucky number, but that’s almost impossible. Our only evidence on predictions is that every 10,000 spins would also yield an asymmetrical result. There’s no proof for such claims.

You Can Predict the Next Pocket Win

Predictions are a joke when it comes to roulette. You are more likely to make the wrong Black 17 or Red 6 guess a million times. With more innovations in e-gaming, it’s impossible to use a speed detector to decipher the landing point of the next ball.

The Games are Rigged

Most reputable gaming websites get regulated and vetted often to reassure gamers of fair gaming. We will only advise in this article that you choose your gaming platform wisely to avoid staking on rigged machines.

There are Best Bet Combinations

Theoretically, there might be some recurring patterns between “outside bets.” Nothing more! Outside those, you’re merely guessing without facts backing the possible outcomes.

All Roulettes are Similar

Are all sports the same? Do they have the same rules and style? Learn the rules of both French and European roulettes and master each gameplay before staking.


Personally, we love the Fibonacci approach because of the increased possibility of winning multiple times. Anyone with the ideal stake over a limited range of figures could be victorious at roulettes. You might have to move your stakes in a nice old-fashioned, progressive pattern, but it makes it more fun.

To be a smart gamer when staking roulettes, you ought to learn the rules and plays. A perfect understanding of the basics would help you build profitable strategies for more wins. While at it, learn bankroll management, which helps you control how much percentage of your points you stake at once.