When it comes to leveling skills, Fletching is considered one of the easier to work within Old School Runescape. There are ways in which you can also make some decent OSRS gold as well, and pick up some needed supplies. With that in mind, let’s see how you can not only avoid having to buy OSRS gold with Fletching, but also how you can hit 99.

Level 1-25

For the first 25 levels, we are going to be looking at Headless Arrows. The process of you hitting level 25 should take you around 15 minutes to complete. Your goal is to attach Feathers onto Arrow shafts, of which you can attach 15 feathers to earn 15 Fletching XP. You will be earning up to 40,000XP per hour with this method, and you will need a grand total of 7,842 Headless Arrows.

Level 25-35

To get to level 35, the focus switches to String Oak Longbows. Ideally, you could choose to make unstrung bows if you are looking to be AFK. However, you won’t be making any OSRS gold this way, and you won’t receive XP as quickly. So, with an Oak Longbow and Bowstring that are required, plus the 583 Bows that you will need, you are looking at up to 55,000XP per hour.

Level 35-52

You can advance a couple of levels here using the Stringing Willow Shortbows to be made, though you will need 153 Bows, and you won’t be making any OSRS gold from it. Once you have hit 37, you can move onto Steel Darts, which are regarded as one of the fastest ways of gaining XP in Old School Runescape.

To make these Steel Darts, you are going to need Steel Dart tips and Feathers. Each turn makes 10 darts, meaning you can make a lot of darts in the space of an hour. Ultimately, you are looking at up to 650,000 XP per hour here.

Level 52-67

An alternative to Steel Darts is Mithril Darts, which need Mithril Dart tips and Feathers. You will need 37,884 in total to advance, earning up to 950,000XP per hour. Not only is that a decent rate of gaining experience, but it is also worth remembering that it is a cheaper way of making darts than the Steel Darts method.

Level 67-99

Finally, we have the Adamant Darts, where you should be surpassing 1M XP per hour. There are supplies needed here, including 832,432 Adamant Darts to be made with Adamant Dart tips and Feathers. Though there are faster alternatives, they aren’t as cost-effective as the Adamant Darts.

That is your best method of reaching 99 in Fletching in Old School Runescape. You will often see players OSRS gold selling having used methods such as these to earn money. If you repeat the methods shown here, then you hopefully won’t have to resort to OSRS gold buying yourself, as there is a moneymaking aspect present here.

Have you tried this OSRS Fletching method? Let us know in the comments section below!