It wasn’t that long ago that we saw Path of Exile mixing things up with the introduction of Harvest, which would serve as an expansion that would take players to new gameplay outlets with the Sacred Grove. This was made available early on in your playthrough, in terms of when you can access it. In fact, you can get to the Sacred Grove as early as The Coast if you choose to. This new addition brings forth another PoE currency to enjoy too, as you will be finding seeds to be planted in Seed Caches and more.

So firstly, let’s delve into how seeds work.

What are Seeds in PoE Harvest?

Seeds in this update vary between purple Wild Seeds, Blue primal Seeds, and yellow Vivid Seeds. The differing aspects of these seeds depend on their tiers. These seeds will then be grown in a Seed Cache. To get more of a variety, you should head to Seed Caches in different areas, then you can wait for them to reset and repeat to make your seeds grow faster. You will then be told by Oshabi when your plants are ready for harvest.


Then you have structures, which play a big role in Harvest too. These will cost you Lifeforce to build them and can be used in ways to help you grow. You can use Lifeforce Collectors that will be able to harvest the plants that have finished growing, where after activating over eight plants will spawn monsters nearby. You can then kill these monsters to use their life force to be absorbed by your structure, at the cost of 25 lifeforce.

Meanwhile, Dispersers costs 30 lifeforce, and these will redirect your lifeforce energy to the nearby plants, which fertilizes them for you. They are mainly for your higher tier seeds, so keep an eye on the seeds that you are using with it.

Storage Tanks are able to hold your lifeforce, costing you 75 lifeforce to make. They can then hold up to 300 lifeforce if required and are often best placed between your Disperser and Collector. Pylons will also play a key role to keep everything ticking over, costing 10 lifeforce. They will naturally carry energy between your set up structures that are placed four squares away, which is as far as they stretch. So, by linking your Collector, Disperser, and Storage with Pylons, you are good to go.

Path of Exile is a difficult game to contend with at the best of times. With many different terms such as PoE Uniques, PoE orbs, or checking the market with PoE trade, there is a lot to learn. But this expansion has a lot to offer, including a new way of approaching certain aspects of the game, plus a new PoE currency and more.

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