World of Warcraft has never been one to shy away from challenging its player base. Whilst others opt for racking up WoW Classic gold or explore the lore of the many expansions of both versions of the game, there are those that like to push themselves to their limits. How do these players do that? By taking on the following raid bosses.

Kil’ Jaeden

You may remember in a less than fond manner the first appearance of Kil’Jaeden back in Burning Crusade, where he resided as a boss that was up there with the least killed enemies. However, his reappearance in Legion proves to be even more difficult. Some of the top guilds in the world would surpass 900 attempts in trying to defeat this entity, which offered a long and tiring challenge.

What made it especially difficult was the fact that Legion Kil’Jaeden had a secret Mythic segment towards the battle’s climax. It was also difficult to take a calculated approach, with many players having to effectively make up tactics as they as they were going along.

The Lich King

Here is another challenge that took guilds into several hundred to defeat. It may be significantly lower than others, but it was released during a time in which a boss was only able to be pulled in Heroic around 50 times per week.

There are often glitchy battles in WoW, however, this wasn’t one of them. Despite this fact, there was a guild that managed to gain notoriety when banned for using Sarontine Bombs in an unprofessional manner. This is because it would have the ability to make the Valkyrie mechanic redundant by making other platforms for them to drop off. This would lead to them being banned and miss out on the coveted opportunity of being the first guild to topple the Heroic Lich King.

Mythic Uu’nat

If you have traversed the Crucible of Storms, then you will be familiar with this starting boss. This posed such tactical issues that even the best of guilds struggled to get their heads around it. The length of the fight didn’t help matters, testing the most patient players’ endurance to the limit. Having to have practically all of your guild alive to survive the fight was something that won’t be looked back on fondly when it comes to this boss.


This is one of the more recognized bosses in the stupendously hard difficulty range. Muru was considered to be so difficult for players to overcome that the players would resort to taking up leatherworking to be able to use the Heroism ability. Muru was subjected to a nerf, but it was still nigh on impossible to defeat. It is believed that Blizzard only decided to nerf Muru because he was the first boss, and wanted players to progress in the game past this segment.

Vanilla C’thun

It has to be stressed that this refers to the C’thun state before he was nerfed. The original rendition of this boss was deemed to be impossible to kill. Sure, even after it’s nerfed it is probably still the toughest fight in the game, but prior to this, it was actually considered to be mathematically unbeatable due to a number of aspects that were required to beat the boss. It may have been updated to be more capable of beating in the WoW Classic rendition, but the WoW Vanilla pre-nerfed version of C’thun has more than earned its place.

These are without a doubt up there with the greatest and toughest fights in World of Warcraft. Whilst others may focus on collecting WoW Classic items or grinding, there are those out there hungry for a challenge, and these picks will do that and then some.

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