Whether you are someone who loves to travel or someone who just loves to spend time in the sun on the nearest beach, this can all leave the hair to become damaged over time. Though damaged hair can be an issue for many every day, hair loss has become a bit more of a pressing issue. With hair loss falling down to a number of different variables a number of treatments are becoming more affordable. With a DHI and unshaven hair transplant cost becoming more affordable than ever before, there are many opting for this style of treatment. However, for those that are only experiencing a small amount of hair loss prevention is the key when dealing with sun damage.

Get A Hair Cut Before Travelling

Though this may seem simple, getting a hair cut before you travel is the perfect way to prevent damage to the sun as dead hair follicles are more likely to be affected by the sun due to their porous nature. The more moisturized your hair is, the more likely you are to prevent damage in the long term, making this the perfect solution for you regardless of the amount of time you are traveling for.

Opt For A Leave-In Conditioner

Another way that you can prevent sun damage is to keep the hair as moisturized as possible. This will not only help to combat frizz, but it will prevent the hair from being bleached throughout the course of the trip. It is important to ensure that the leave-in conditioner is light, as this can then begin to affect the look of the hair as it is weighted down. If the hair has a conditioner that is to thick it can then begin to make the hair appear greasy much faster. This is important to avoid when traveling as over-washing can then lead to the hair being stripped off all-natural oils.

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Use An SPF Spray

One of the best ways to care for the hair at any point in the day is to use an SPF spray. This will not only protect the hair from the sun, but it will provide much-needed moisture to the hair even when spending time in the water. With a number of SPF sprays being versatile for both wet and dry hair, you can enjoy the perfect sun-kissed hair without causing to much damage. Whether you are looking for a spray that is scented or unscented to suit your hair type, the choice is completely up to you.

Wear A Hat

In addition to an SPF spray, you can also minimalize the amount of sun damage by wearing a hat. This is great not only for the perfect holiday style, but it also helps to prevent the scalp from getting burnt to help to make the hair as protected as possible over the course of your trip. However, it is also important to wear a hat as this can protect against sunstroke and other illnesses that can occur due to too much sun exposure.

With this in mind, there are a number of ways that you can reduce the signs of sun damage from your hair without having to compromise on your tanning time. Which of these will you be using your next trip away?