Exotic holidays can bring some unexpected challenges for vapers. Most airlines have a plethora of guidelines for traveling with e-cigarettes. They are not meant to harass you, but for the greater sake of the safety of all the passengers and crew aboard. So next time you are enquired about your e-cigarettes, just be honest with the officials.

Here We Have Compiled A List Of Must-Know Travel Hacks For Vapers:

1. Always be honest with the airport authorities: Many people tend to withhold the fact that they are traveling with blazed vapes. They think it might end in them losing their prized possession. That is not the fact.

The lithium battery in e-cigarettes catches the fire mid-air. So the airlines have banned carrying it altogether. You cannot carry even the ordinary lithium-ion batteries.

Actually, as per the guidelines, you are allowed to carry the e-cigarettes in your cabin luggage and not in check-in luggage. This is in the wake of the past episodes where the e-cigarettes caught fire in the cargo area of the plane. There is no crew in that area and it is pretty difficult to extinguish it at height. So there is a risk to all the passengers. But when you keep your e-cigarette in your cabin luggage, the fire can be easily detected. Also, the officials will guide you to the latest restrictions and guidelines. But if you don’t say you carry an e-cigarette, how will you know them? And just keep in mind; if you break rules while in air, it will land you in serious trouble. The case goes to the highest security agency!

2. Dismantle the device: The best way to ensure minimum damage to your device is by dismantling it. This way, there will be no danger of battery catching fire or vape juice spilling out of the e-cigarette.

3. Keep each part in a plastic bag: You always keep your shaving essentials in a separate plastic bag. So do this with your vaping kit too. Buy a battery case and a juice case. They come cheap. If the battery will be locked separately in a box, it will pose nil danger. Also, an air-tight plastic bag over the vape juice container will ensure no spillage in your luggage.

4. Keep your cartridge half filled: Up in the air, the pressure keeps fluctuating. This leads to vape juices spilling out of its container. The best way to tackle this is by taking only half-filled vape juice containers.

5. Properly research the vaping laws in your destination: Several countries like Argentina, Austria, and Egypt have completely banned vaping. Others like Australia and India have restrictions over them. Properly investigate about the laws before carrying your vape to these places. Go through the official websites for up-to-date information. It will be hellish for you if you get involved in legal litigations on foreign soil.


Vaping is an alternative to smoking. But it involves electronic parts. And you should be cautious when you are carrying a device that has terms and conditions over different places. It will be hellish for you if you get involved in legal litigations on the foreign soil. So take adequate precautions.