An impressive $415.7 million in gaming revenue is the recorded figure for the month of September for the state of Pennsylvania. These figures represent an increase of 45.6% when compared to the same month last year. But what has changed? Is there more interest in the gaming industry? Are individuals spending more on gaming entertainment?

Online casinos provide the closest thing to the real casino experience that you could imagine, with a tremendous amount of gaming content provided by some of the most respected gaming developers in the industry. The best Pennsylvania online casinos listed and compared here will direct you to the most trusted online casinos in Pennsylvania, offering the very best in iGaming entertainment.

We are going to look into the upturn in fortunes for the online casino industry in Pennsylvania, and find out the reasons behind it, and if the trend can continue.

The Best Performer Amongst Tough Competition

Coming up to its 50th birthday, Parx Casino was the standout performer amongst all the competition. Built in 1974, this mammoth casino brings its enthusiastic gamers over 3,000 slots, as well as the usual classic table games that you would hope to find in such a reputable establishment. Parx Casino offers a bit more than the average in that department, though, having 141 table games which include Blackjack, Craps, 3 Card Poker, 4 Card Poker Roulette, and Baccarat.

On top of all this, Parx operates an online casino, covering all of the above and more. You can even take advantage of bonuses and promotions.

So, there is no doubt that Parx Casino is well equipped to handle all gaming needs, but what makes it stand out in order for it to generate $52.7 million in a month?

Parx Casino isn’t your ordinary casino, it delivers the whole entertainment package. There is the fine dining experience, with its 8 restaurants which will cover all palates, as well as provide top-notch drinks services with superior cocktails, countless craft beers, and wine flights.

There is a lineup of big-name entertainers, singers, and celebrities to add to the thrills of the evening. Sports fans can come to watch the biggest live sporting events, with all sports being shown on the TVs throughout the casino. When a casino provides a full package such as this, it is no wonder that it is growing in popularity.

The Importance of Slots

If there is one thing in the casino industry that has advanced more so than anything else, then unquestionably it is video slot gaming. Slots come in all shapes and sizes with massive jackpots, Bitcoin versions of slots, small to large jackpots, pooled jackpot networks, a multitude of gaming themes, different mechanics, and a variety of different bonuses features.

This being said, slots can attract more of the market because there is something there for everyone’s enjoyment if a player looks for it. Unlike table games where you get the same gameplay every time you play, a player can find a video slot that caters exactly to your tastes. If a player enjoys sports, then they can find sports-themed slots – Sci-fi, Anime, Movies, Horror, and the list goes on.

Being able to attract such a broad market is key to the continuing success of video slots, and this is the key to them taking up a large percentage of the generated market revenue. Retail slots in Pennsylvania accounted for $198.9 million of the total revenue generated in September, which showed an increase of almost 30% from the same period of the previous year. Online slots generated $68.6 million. Combined, slots generated an immense revenue figure of $267.5 million, demonstrating perfectly their importance of them to the growth of the industry.


2020 was a struggle, to say the least for the whole industry, and iGaming was not exempt. However, a positive 2021 has hopefully dusted off the cobwebs and the uncertainties are nothing but a distant memory. iGaming brought in $97.8 million in September, showing a remarkable increase of 71.5% year on year. However, there is something much more notable, and that is the $11.1 million gain just the month before, which represents an increase of almost 12%.

Data like this is nothing but encouraging, and frankly, nobody could have predicted such a strong recovery, even the most optimistic of financial experts. But there is no time to dwell on the numbers, and the whole of iGaming will do all it can to ensure the trend continues. Moving forward, iGaming is making great strides in VR gaming, and combining it with Live Gaming titles. There is no doubt that there are other technologies on the horizon, and VR is just the tip of the iceberg. Where can Virtual Reality go with online casinos? How popular will Decentraland events become, and can Mana currency really catch on?

Hollywood Casino was the most successful iGaming casino, with revenue of $38.6 million, which is almost 50% more than its closest rival, Rivers Casino, which registered $26.7 million. Valley Forge Casino took $15.8 million in iGaming revenue.

A Combined Effort

There is always going to be one sector that comes out as the most lucrative, and one sector that doesn’t contribute as much – that’s just business. But for the industry as a unit, each sector plays a vital role, from the licensing that ensures fair terms and conditions to the cairns and sportsbooks that offer gambling services.

Without a sportsbook, a sports gambler may not see a slot and have a quick flutter, or play a couple of hands of blackjack to kill some time during half-time of the game. A poker player might catch a glimpse of the football match during the poker break and decide to place a fun bet.

This is the main reason why casinos offer an all-in-one operation, because individually, the sectors are vulnerable but put them together, and you have a sustainable business with plenty of room for growth. With so many key sectors working together, it is no wonder that the industry keeps breaking revenue records, and it will undoubtedly continue to do so.