Have you ever imagined a small piece of jewel symbolizing your feelings of love, unity, and solidarity? Yes, engraved jewelry can be a brilliant idea to make an ordinary occasion memorable in a blink. From the ancient era to today, the value of engraving hasn’t changed a bit. Over time, the hype has only increased, and people still cherish it as a precious treasure.

Handcrafted engraving in jewelry

Engraving has already created a strong position in the jewelry world. If you look on the market, you will find thousands of different types of bracelets, rings, and necklaces made of this precious metal.

Although wearing an engraved bracelet is expected, do we know about engraved necklaces? Gift an engraved necklace to your loved ones, and you will see how special and valuable they feel first-hand.

While buying a necklace, you will get to explore a thousand different options. Even if you can’t choose something pre-designed, you can always go for the customized one. A personalized engraved necklace will not just be jewelry; it will also carry a meaningful thought within.

Personalized necklace with engraving

Confused about what design to buy? Let us help you. We have tried to explain some unique ideas to get a custom evil eye necklace. Hopefully, this will concise your decision process.

Stainless steel necklace plaque

Choose a stainless-steel rose gold plated plaque necklace. You can use a 9k rose gold plate to get a luxurious vibe. Finish it with an engraved pendant written in the alphabet or a sign of the special day.

Pearl necklace with an engraved heart

If you want to avoid traditional gold or silver chains, then go for a pearl necklace. Choose a medium-length pearl necklace. Adorn it with an engraved heart filled with whatever represents your relationship.

Melodie necklace with a tree of life pendant

Want to craft the life of a tree symbol in a pendant? Then, it would be best if you considered options like a silver-white rhodium finish necklace. Add some pearls on the backside before finishing it with an engraved life tree pendant. A significant token of memory, isn’t it?

Long Vita necklace with multiple pendants

Since you are gifting an engraving as a collection of memories, it would be great if a single piece of necklace carries multiple symbols. To get this design:

  • Pick a long-thin rose gold or platinum necklace.
  • Decorate the whole chain with numerous small engraved pieces.
  • Customize each pendant with different types of thoughtful words, alphabet, and symbols.

Crystal Christmas special necklace

Engraves also can be the best fit for Christmas gifts. On the holy occasion, choose a crystal necklace and place an engraved cross or rosary as the pendant. While the charm may represent religion, the crystal will give a festive vibe.

Memory becomes unforgettable with the touch of metal, and a small piece of precious jewelry can give you a lifetime bonding. Inevitably, a necklace along with engraving can create wonder in your memory lane.