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These twenty look the most realistic among hundreds of double date ideas that bring more fun to a regular date. Usually, a double date is when two familiar couples get together and enjoy each other’s company. Such a date proves to be very entertaining, creating a warmer and more vibrant atmosphere, so you all could sense a profound joy. 

To keep the activity exciting for long, you should come up with some freshly designed and sometimes unique ideas. Besides, there is no sense in planning base jumping if at least one of you has acrophobia. The same ridiculous would be picking up a movie starring a nasty actor for double online dating in Ukraine

Top Double Date Ideas

Altogether, you need to share equal enthusiasm for double dates and elaborate on the most accessible friend date ideas. To help your better half have the fun she deserves, you should invite a couple from her social circle or join them on the weekend. Then, pick up the most entertaining leisure activities for your taste from the list below to motivate their tandem.

A garden picnic

Somewhere in the garden, with sunbeds and tables and a place for a bonfire and a barbeque. It could be smoking salmon or shish kebab with a bottle of wine, which is more traditional for Ukrainian women. Probably a fascinating double date idea for summertime, allowing you to enjoy the lush greenery and capture memorable moments.

City exploration quest

Impossible to run into each gridlock of your native city, so why not continue exploring its yet unfamiliar corners? You could make it a quest splitting into two teams to reach the fascinating places independently. It is far not a cheap way to spend a funny and productive day with your woman and your new friends.

Visiting a museum

Another double date treat is going through museums within city limits or outside. These could be any your location offers, starting from a small exhibition of local artists to a rural life living museum. Discussing local artwork and history is something you will do together on this journey.

Volunteering work

Always good to do any volunteering job, targeting your assistance to the neediest and vulnerable. Why not spend a few hours doing something necessary, like feeding tenants of an animal shelter? You would feel a deeper connection with your beloved one sharing something valuable.

Cooking together

Whether it is an exquisite Mediterranean dish or your favorite Margherita, cooking on a double date is teamwork. You could delicately divide kitchen chores into guys’ (meat butchering) and girls’ (chopping vegetables). If done correctly, cooking could be a truly magical process, so do your best. 

Board games

Obviously, the most complex and gripping double date plot that will never make you all feel bored. Get on any board game, from Scrabble to Monopoly, to keep you all engaged for a long time. You will never forget that you are more intelligent and assertive than you believe.

Playing Twister

As Ukrainian singles also know Twister, the time seems right for your audacious experiments. Have two couples pair off into teams to participate in the game saturated with fun and laughter. It is not only an outstanding party game but also one of the best games for couples.

Online Double Date Ideas

The echo of COVID-19 pandemics is still evident and influences single people around the globe. All below given online dates ideas aim to make the virtual dating experience more intimate and fun. They all sound like a romantic movie plot, whether those are some cute couples’ painting ideas or other fruitful endeavors.

You two have to decide if you want a double date even without meeting face-to-face. It is not a big deal, though, as dating online from the comfort of your own home is a healthy trend to catch up. However, the ideas below will not guarantee some unexpected silent pauses from both sides. 

Virtual museum tour

Virtual tours through world-famous museums and galleries are always a superior double date option. Check out online exhibits and virtual tours of Louver in Paris, The British Museum in London, the Van Gogh Museum, or the Guggenheim in New York City. Besides, introducing masterpieces of the world’s finest curated collections to your Ukrainian girlfriend is commendable. 

Online fitness

Ask the other couple if they like a live streaming fitness hour with some workout of medium intensity. It does not have to be high, as not all of you are avid sports fans, but a short physical jolt always works better than a jolt of caffeine. Why not schedule a double-date virtual workout class with a pair of rookies of the same age?

Movie night party

Your double date with a Ukrainian lady will not be enough without introducing the highest form of art – cinema undisputably. So what would you do at a movie party? Play a game, like bingo or charades, including guessing titles and characters, which is impossible without having an idea about Hollywood.

A high school class

You have the privilege to manage your own time and register for your classes. Let it be history or literature; just make sure you can count on your other half if you forget something. Find a few free minutes for an activity to develop knowledge and comprehensive cognitive understanding.

Painting her portrait

She is not going to paint her portrait herself in the nearest future, is she? So gather all your canvases, paint, and paintbrushes to reach harmony within her facial features. Her emotional palette could have been much different back then, but your neutral colors would drive her nuts. 


Online double dates are intentional acts resulting from a social distancing during any exceptional circumstances. But before you begin, think of your first double date that may end up with a date night challenge. In this matter, delivering authentic women’s profiles is the most significant GoDateNow concern. 

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