Earlier this month, PostBack.Email unveiled its new mailboxes service that offers users expendable email services with customized domain addresses, API, and Webhooks. It sells itself as the “best solution” for email verification, automation tool, and much more.

This is PostBack.Email, the new [$149 a month] mailboxes solution for email verification and automation tool.

There are many instances where you might want to use a disposable email address. Perhaps you want to avoid spam, test your email system, or maybe you require easy-to-use API access to verify emails automatically. For some, there’s the need to use a discreet email address for sharing with strangers or accessing a site they don’t trust. In any case, this is where a disposable email provider, like PostBack.Email, comes in handy.

Browse over to the PostBack.Email website, and you will see something that resembles the image above: a clear, concise interface with the caption “Email Verification Automation.” And down below another one saying “Unlimited Inboxes @ Custom Domain” will get your attention.

At $149 a month for the premium subscription, Postback.Email wants to help developers and QA teams conduct end-to-end automated email-related tests. The disposable email service allows users to create expendable email addresses where they can also customize their own domain addresses.

That isn’t so different from the built-in email alias services offered by Yahoo or Gmail. But unlike the traditional email service providers, PostBack.Email has easy-to-use API access allowing customers to get full automation for verification processes. This includes setting up, checking emails, email validations, and receiving WebSocket messages.

Here’s What PostBack.Email Does for You

Paid mailbox services are normally designed for sensitive business activities and PostBack.Email is no exception. As a consumer-focused email service, its target is not just the QA teams and developers who run tons of email-related tests. Its solutions are also excellent for:

  • High-end corporate services
  • Users who want to avoid spam while keeping their real email addresses private
  • Individuals who want a private customized email address but don’t like dealing with technical parts of setting and maintaining hosting service
  • Users who don’t like using the generic mailbox services

A Simple Pricing Structure

To sign up for an account with PostBack.Email is easy. First, visit the registration page layout here. Then, fill in your registration details as per the website’s requirements. Finally, you’ll receive an activation link to your email address for confirmation. You are done.

After the sign-up process is complete, you can now choose a package that aligns with your requirements. The star feature in its plans is its “simple pricing structure” tailored for all budgets to encourage users to get started right away.

Individuals with no demand for high-end features can sign up for its starter package (SINGLE). If you want to take advantage of additional features you can upgrade to either the TEAM package or its premium plan: BUSINESS. The latter is suitable for large organizations while the former is best equipped to service teams in a small company. Here is a highlight of what you can expect to get:

  • Unlimited amount of mailboxes with zero-config setup
  • Generic custom domain mailboxes
  • Developers can receive and send emails over webhooks
  • API access
  • Large mailbox storage

How Does PostBack.Email Compare With Other Disposable Services

We did a comparison of PostBank.Email’s mailbox solutions with other disposable services like 33mail, Mailsac, and Spamex to help you see what might be lacking in others. This includes features, pricing, the number of plans available, etc. Take a look:

PostBack.Email 33mail Spamex Mailsac


SINGLE TEAM BUSINESS Lite Premium Pro Enterprise Trial- Subscription


Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Basic Indie Plan Business Plan Enterprise Plan
Custom Domains 1 10 Unlimited X 1 5 Unlimited X X 0 1 5 12+
Mailboxes Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 15 500 1000 2000 0 50 250 480+
API Keys X X X X 1 1 Multiple Multiple
Webhooks Integration X X X X X X X X X
Message Storage 500 5000 Unlimited 10MB 50MB 500MB 5GB 100k 500k 2MB 10MB 50 1000 5000 12000+
Price $10/month $49/month $149/month Free $1/month $5/month $50/month Free Trial $9.95/year $19.95/year $29.95 /year Free $12/month $59/month $184/month