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In our trail of prolific instructions that we are compiling to provide you all the relevant details pertaining to the Diamonding Painting as an exquisite form of art. Top Five Unique Diamond Painting Kit is catering to the difficulty of choosing the different and unique Diamond Painting kits out of thousands. Everyone does not know how to paint diamonds lavishly. The creation of a masterpiece costs utmost effort. This effort starts, when you initiate the thought of diamond painting and then go for selecting the best one, that won’t let you get bored. If you have put the wrong foundation the premises will not take the right stand.

First and foremost, select the Diamond Painting Kit according to your taste that will help you in retaining your interest instead of ruining it in the midway. The pros can opt for any of the kits among many but those should start from the smaller, easier, and partial drill kits who have recently decided to take a good chance of adoption.

In this article, we took a round of field and gathered a variety of kits, deciding to provide you with a variation. Considering the reviews of customers who bought these kits and enjoyed them, we lined up Top Five Unique Diamond Painting Kits out of these.

Let’s start with the first one:

1. Butterfly 5 Piece Wall Art – Diamond Paintings

The first kit in our list of Top 5 Unique Diamond Painting Kit, this Butterfly kit with five pieces of wall art is on NO.1. It is said that “The Bigger the Better”, because on a larger canvas you have more scope to work on details and elaborate the beauty. We chose this Diamond Painting Kit for the reason of its size and the uniqueness of its making. Painting a simple butterfly and painting a versatile butterfly makes a difference that speaks for itself, this kit is divided into five pieces, containing different parts of one object. Paint it in glistening shades of purple and pastels and hang it on the wall to receive challenged appreciation.


What is included in the Kit?

  1. Pre-glued canvas and a designed chart
  2. Set of Tweezers
  3. Grooved tray for keeping the diamonds in it
  4. Brightly colored beads or Drills in the size of 2.5×2.5mm
  5. Multi-headed pen(stylus)
  6. 2 wax bars
  7. Free shipping
  8. 20% extra drills

2. Vincent Van Gogh Self-Portrait Diamond Painting

The second kit in our list of Top 5 Unique Diamond Painting Kits, the portrait of Van Gogh is a feast for the real artists, knowing his contribution to the post-impressionist painting. We say that if you want to awake your inner Van Gogh, get a start from the diamond painting kit. And if it’s the portrait of Van Gogh himself, nothing can be more prestigious than this.

The deep shades of brown on the earthen background and intense expressions of the portrait leave an immerse impression on the mind of the viewer. It is not a brightly colored glistening painting that will dazzle the surrounding but the maturity of the art and ingenuity of the work is worth its buying and making.

What is included in the Kit?

  1. An adhesive canvas of size of your choice(25*25cm to 60*80cm)
  2. Drills with labels (round or square, it’s your choice)
  3. Wax bar
  4. Grooved Tray
  5. Stylus
  6. Set of tweezers
  7. Instruction manual
  8. Free shipping

3. Different Animals Special Diamond Painting Collection

The third kit in our list of Top 5 Unique Diamond Painting Kits is a complete set of animal painting collections that can accentuate the beauty of a wall with a unique theme. A single painting of an animal may not look that much stunning as compared to the idea of decorating a corner with a complete set. Another reason for selecting this kit set is the quality, colors, and crystal shine of the drills that are provided for making. The simplicity of animal images is stirred up with the shimmery glaze of the crystal-like diamonds.

This can be equally interesting for both the beginners and the pros. keeping in it the basic quality of simplicity and uniqueness of versatility. You will have a big variety of 25 images to paint by diamonds and all the canvases are designed with partial drills, to save time and energy without letting the enchantress go.


What is included in the Kit?

  1. Smooth velvet-like canvases in different sizes
  2. A huge variety of high-quality drills
  3. Grooved tray to store the drills
  4. A pen
  5. A glue set

4. Acrylic Roses Diamond Painting Kit

The fourth kit in our list of Top 5 Unique Diamond Painting Kits is the painting of Roses. No one can steal the beauty of a rose but you can paint it with love. And diamond painting kits are promised to make with love. Sometimes a simple thing speaks the most heartwarming notion. The beauty of roses is unparalleled. This full drill diamond painting kit can be the best and at the same time a unique gift for those whom you do not want to present the thing that got withered.

This diamond painting kit got its place here because of its presentable attribute. You can pick this kit and paint it for your loved ones. You will be giving out one gift but the gift will be bestowing dual facets; one will be a never-dying Rose and the second will be a hand-made painting.

What is included in the Kit?

  1. An adhesive pre-designed canvas with a smooth surface in different sizes
  2. Drills (Square and Round, what you choose)
  3. A pen to place the diamonds
  4. Wax bar
  5. Free delivery worldwide


The fifth kit in our list of Top 5 Unique Diamond Painting Kits is this fantasy diamond painting kit. Visualizing something and then turning it into a piece of art can take you to the shores of perfection. This is an example of this. Since childhood we are hearing that Knowledge is Power, this diamond painting kit has embodied the thought and brought a visual in front of your eyes.

A fantasy based a]painting where a full-drill canvas is used among the beautiful background that reminds us of the fairy meadows and the stairs of books placed like steps is such a fascinating description of this old saying. It can be a trigger to boost the morale of kids. It can be a perfect gift from a parent to their child.


What is included in the Kit?

  1. A full-drill canvas in a large variety of sizes
  2. Bright color drills in both square and round shapes
  3. A stylus
  4. Wax
  5. Grooved tray
  6. Free shipping

Final Verdict

We guarantee you after reading the complete article you must be sure what could be the best pick for your taste. We tried to cater all the flavors of interest. If this article is going to help you, leave a comment. We will keep on updating you and will make sure to relish your enjoyment.