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Whether singles are seeking partners on dating sites, or by visiting nightclubs, there’s often a degree of apprehension. They might feel pressure about saying the right things, or how the other person will react to flirting. But here’s a tip. Don’t overthink this. The key to a successful relationship is something much simpler than conversation skills, wearing the right clothes, or having an awesome career plan. Success is down to one word: motivation.

1- Learn how to be in harmony with yourself.

It’s not selfish to focus on yourself from the outset. This is how true motivation starts. How your first and subsequent dates will unfold will be a two-way experience, but how successful you will be is dependent on your positivity. Approach your initial chat or your inaugural get-together with confidence. Accept you might have flaws – everybody has those – but don’t give them undue attention. Instead, believe in yourself, and the possibilities you will bring to this partnership.

2- Positive communication is the key to success.

Developing that crucial self-belief is one foundation block for constructing a solid relationship. Once you’ve achieved this, banishing unnecessary doubts or trepidation, you’re ready to start interacting. Focus on the type of partner you want to meet, and make discovering this compatible person your goal. Share your experience with other users of adult dating advice, and find like-minded people whose thoughts and views chime with yours. Check out the personal profiles listed on the site and home in on the most suitable individuals. Reach out with upbeat messages, full of enthusiasm, compliments, humor, and a smidgeon of suggestive comments.

3- Love your partner the way you love yourself.

Caring for others is a basic human trait, and anyone unable to empathize with their friends, family or partner would be guilty of displaying worryingly sociopathic tendencies. But do you also care about yourself? There is nothing egotistical about this. It’s a further affirmation of your positivity as a person. If you can show compassion for yourself and prioritize your own emotions, you’ll do so equally effectively for others.

4- When meeting a new person, pay attention to personality, not just looks.

What particularly motivates you when you’re seeking prospective partners? Are you driven by outward appearance? If you were required to complete a questionnaire while registering with a dating site, would you tick the boxes indicating attractive features or a fit physique are your main priorities? Or would you tend to be drawn to someone’s character? Dating site profile pages are overflowing with people who brag about spending time in the gym or post selfies featuring their cosmetic enhancements. But true motivation is finding someone’s overall qualities admirable, especially their kindly nature, intelligence, or sense of humor.

5- Think positively.

Approach every aspect of your time together with the ‘glass-half-full’ philosophy. Always be motivated to make the most of your connection. When you’re planning dates, put a lot of effort into choosing the location that will have the best chance of providing entertainment and will keep your other half enthralled. If things don’t work out quite as you’d hoped, never dwell on ‘what might have been.’ Never regret things you’ve done, and see mistakes as part of life’s great learning curve.

6- Be more patient with each other.

In today’s hustle and bustle, it can often seem that there aren’t enough hours in the day to accommodate the demands of busy schedules. Technology seems to have exacerbated rather than countered this. This is why it’s so important to be motivated towards finding a quiet time each day when you can take a step back and focus on each other.

7- Practice yoga each day, and your relationship will last longer.

Think of ways to enhance your relationship by building your inner strength. Develop self-awareness, and prioritize your physical and mental health as crucial aspects. Take daily exercise, whether you run, go wild swimming, or play regular sports. A fantastic outlet for motivation is practicing yoga. This combination of relaxation and breathing techniques will help flush away any anxieties, leaving mental clarity and calm.

8- Read motivational books.

There’s nothing new or revolutionary about proper motivation. A lot of the issues that drive this philosophy are down to common sense and taking the time to re-arrange your priorities. There are many excellent books on the subject, and articles to pore over on the Internet.

9- Stay positive and inspire other people: love is the most powerful thing in the world!

Remember, the result of you having introduced greater degrees of motivation into your relationship will have been strengthening the love you feel for each other. As The Beatles once sang, ‘all you need is love.’ That four-letter word is the most potent source for joy and contentment that exists.