Players all over the world use applications and websites that help them find playmates with the same mindset as their own. For the fans of Apex Legend Teamfinder, there are many Looking for Groups (LFG) websites that have a special section dedicated to the game, that assists the fans in finding friends to play it with.

Background of Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a multiplayer, first-person shooter game designed by Benjamin Bisson. It was developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts in February 2019. Since its release, the game has received massive appreciation for its outstanding graphics and engaging storyline. According to statistics, Apex Legends had gained over 70 million players worldwide within the first 6 months of its release.

The game requires 20 squads, each of which consists of 3 players to venture onto scavenger hunts and look for armor and weapons hidden throughout the map. Each squad gets to select three playable characters from the given options and face off other squad members in an attempt to gain control over the prizes first.

Since the gameplay requires more than one player to form a squad, players can pair up with their friends, select randomly available players online or use Apex Legends LFG apps to help them find the right teammates.

Why Use Apex Legends LFG Websites & Apps?

There are many reasons why players use team finding apps to find Apex Legends, squad members. These include gaining control, matching skill sets, ease of communication, and reducing toxicity. Let’s explore each one of these in detail.

Gaining Control

Every squad has a lead member who assists others in devising the strategy of team play and leads them out of difficult situations. Such players have the drive to win the game and thus, usually like having friendly control over their squad members.

Using Apex Legends LFG apps allows such lead members to gain control over their squad by selecting the types of players they want to work with.

Matching Skill Set

The second reason why players choose team finding platforms for searching for squad members is that at times, random pairing brings the least skilled players into the squad. Not every player feels comfortable playing with those who are less skilled than them. Therefore, they use such platforms to find teammates who match their skill set, if not surpass them.

Ease of Communication

Communication is the key to any successful relationship. When there is a communication gap or lack of understanding among squad members, they are likely to lose the game against teams with excellent communication and greater understanding.

Apex Legends LFG sites and apps allow players to communicate with other listed players and see if they get along with each other. If an understanding or a bond forms, they can easily select each other for playing together with the Apex Legends battles.

Reducing Toxicity

The most important element in a squad is keeping toxicity at bay. Often, random pairing brings in players from toxic backgrounds. This shows off in their treatment of other squad members, habits, communication styles, and even game strategies.

To avoid toxic members from becoming a part of their squad, many players hop on to LFG sites and find players with a positive mindset and an open mind.


Using LFG apps and websites allows players from around the world to pair up with teammates of their liking. These apps and sites let users align their squads with teammates who are not only skilled but resonate with their gaming personality.