Liverpool is an important city for students as it offers several higher educational venues for them. It is the capital city of Merseyside in England, UK and is the fourth most popular city in Britain.

It has been labeled as the capital city of pop by the Guinness book of world records and is also known as a favorite tourist destination. The city enjoys a rich architectural heritage and is the home for several buildings and world heritage sites. Liverpool also has a strong identity in sports and serves as the best destination for higher education among the student population.

Higher education options in Liverpool

There are several higher education institutions in Liverpool and students from India and all over the world compete to gain seats in these universities. Some of the universities have a historical background and their history dates back to several years. They offer extensive subjects and specialization including management and a professional degree. Students who can prove their proficiency can gain sets in these colleges.

After taking a seat in their preferred course of study, one important threat for the students in finding suitable accommodation for the students. They need to find a safe, compatible, and affordable accommodation that preferably lies close to the university to continue their course of study for a few years in these universities.

Student accommodation in Liverpool

Liverpool is a well-planned city with all modern infrastructure and basic amenities. In the past decade, Liverpool has witnessed tremendous growth in infrastructure development and has contributed positively to the growth and development of the economy. This IT hub of northern England is known for its myriad of industries and educational institutions. Multinational companies and of course the paying guest accommodations.

Student homes Liverpool renders a decent living at affordable prices. Be it students or working professionals Liverpool has different types of PG hostels for everyone to suit their needs. Almost all of them include food subscriptions, offering home-cooked food for the inmates. Some of the best hostels in Liverpool are located in major streets, that are easily accessible to transportation.

There are some luxurious accommodations as well that helps inmates with all basic and luxurious amenities. Most of the working professionals choose to stay in such accommodations that might cost decent rates per month.

But others feel the rent to be a little heavy and choose to take an apartment for rent and stay with their friends. They also wish to hire a cook and a domestic helper to take care of their routines. When rent, maintenance, and domestic help expenses are all shared, inmates can save big on their wallets.

One interesting accommodation facility that interests studying and working singles are the PG accommodations. The rent is nominal, there is less maintenance cost and people get to enjoy a range of amenities including home-cooked meals. People get to live here as a community, be themselves, and interact with likeminded people. Some of the amenities available at PGs are,

  • Housekeeping services
  • Home-cooked food
  • WIFI and DTH connectivity
  • Gym and swimming zones
  • Playing zones
  • Power backup and
  • Parking facilities.

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Accommodation preferences among students coming to Liverpool

Serviced apartments are turning to be a viable accommodation option among the younger generation. Serviced apartments in Liverpool are also gaining popularity among young professionals, who migrate to the city for their job and living. Professionals, travelers, tourists, and expatriates are also looking forward to this mode of accommodation as it offers them a more practical approach to the home away from home concept.

Many students, preferably Indians, prefer to stay in serviced apartments in Liverpool as it gives them a secured, guaranteed accommodation option. The majority of them are strategically located at the central portion of the city and are thus easily accessible by some major means of transport as well.

Liverpool is home to large corporations, startups, and business houses. It is a leading commercial hub in-country and the apartment here will render excellent rental income. Leaving away these apartments on rent for students, professionals, and expatriates will help in guaranteed and continuous income.

As an inmate one needs not to worry about the maintenance of the apartment, as it is taken care of by the owners. The charges for housekeeping, cleaning, and even minor repairs are borne by the inmates and the apartment is also taken care of round the clock. For the student who has migrated here from another country, it is a hassle-free option and it is a cost-effective measure of staying in groups as the cost is all shared among themselves.

Finding the best accommodation in Liverpool through Amber Student

Amber student is one of the best and the most viable options that helps students find student homes in Liverpool. The portal offers a range of student accommodation options across the city and offers large rooms to group flats to accommodate 3-7 people. There are also studio apartments available for self-contained inmates.

They are a viable option for students to find credible accommodation across the city and helps them to look for more than just a bed for an entire year, at an astonishingly lower rate. It helps students with properties that are carefully selected for students to help them avoid the bustles and hustles of the busy city life. Some of these are en-suite, on-campus accommodation, Private Halls of residences, shared apartments, shared en-suite, dual occupancy studio.

Final words

Finding a student’s accommodation by oneself can be very stressful and amber students help in easing off the burden from your shoulders and helps you in finding the perfect accommodation for you to help you concentrate on your studies pertinently. They help with accommodations for both a single student and for groups.

Their friendly service assists students at their every step in finding them accommodation is a stress-free manner possible. From the very first instant of choosing a property to collect the keys Amber students lie by the side of the students and assist them at every single step. But most importantly booking your accommodation through amber students is affordable and cost-efficient.